Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up

I’m very grateful to the Daily Post for giving me a fantastic excuse to tell you about my Top 10 blog posts that I want you to check out without making it seem as though I’m begging you to read them. lol I’ve only started blogging mid October 2012 and already I have like a gazillion posts! So I can’t help but think some of the new followers might’ve missed out on a few stuff coz they’re buried way deep. I look at my Top Posts and Pages and I couldn’t help but notice that they’re all from the photo challenges. And while I’m still thankful and I do love pretty pictures, it just seems kinda odd coz this was never a photography blog ^^ (I mean, who am I kiddin’? lol) So I guess what I’m saying is, the following are my Top Posts and Pages, i mean FOR ME, just for me… regardless of what the stats and readers say. Ah well, who knows, you might like ’em too ^^

1 Dear Mom – because writing this prompt made me cry.
2 A Letter to 14 year old self – because in my own mind, I gave myself really awesome advice. ^^
3 A Picture Paints a Thousand Words – my very first post with words that rhyme. So this is kinda what started all the poetry in this blog.
4 Longing for Summer : the Caramoan Getaway — simply because it’s my first ever blog post. 🙂
5 100-word Story Challenge – this was the day I decided that my blog isn’t gonna be all sunshine and smiley faces… it should also be a home for my dark, sad fiction. Expect more of it. 🙂
6 An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse – given by the Daily Post to be written under time pressure so I really really enjoyed making this ^^
7 Play Lexicographer – because I want you to look up Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome in the dictionary or Google it.
8 Be the Change – because this sorta helps define my goals with this messy, all-over-the-place, anything-under-the-sun blog.
9 Today is Fix-it Day – remember when Daily Prompt asked us to create our very own holiday? Well, this is what I came up with. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we celebrate it? ^^
10 What to Eat in the Philippines and What to Eat in the Philippines 2.0 – for some reason, I worked extra hard on these posts and they took a great deal of my time. lol

Looking at this list has just made me realize how much the Daily Prompt and Weekly Writing Challenge has helped me. Awesome. ^^


7 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up

  1. I remember those posts! Or most of them…I know, I know, you hardly started as someone who had never seen a pen and paper before, but your key skill remains your productivity…to my mind, it is the number one feature of a good writer – more than any creativity crap or anything like that. Productivity shows professionalism.

    • thank you! i’m always glad to hear something from you — not coz you’re super generous with compliments but also coz i value your opinions as a writer, coz you’re a darn good one ^^

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