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THIS BLOG ISN’T ABOUT FASHION. THIS ISN’T ABOUT FOOD. OR TRAVEL. THIS IS ABOUT ME ^^ AND ALL THE THINGS I LOVE… WHICH ARE FASHION, FOOD, TRAVEL. i’m a writer and post a lot of short stories, haibun and fun poetry in my own free style 🙂 that’s fresh hot off the oven fiction, so feel free to read on 😉 i also post haiku daily ^^. ( update: i now post my micropoetry and haiku only on twitter. check me out @ https://twitter.com/kzmorano ) OCCASIONALLY YOU MAY STUMBLE UPON SOME ADULT CONTENT BUT IT’S ALL GOOD. ^^ STICK AROUND; MAYBE YOU’LL FIND WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON. ^^

DO CHECK ME OUT on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/100Nightmares 🙂

wanna know me better?

im a unique,invincible,impossible individual…..one helluv an insomniac….kinda sensitive…..has a deep appreciation for music,art and poetry……….into fashion……..a self-confessed shopaholic……chocolate addict…..has….a weird sense of humor…a flair for the eccentric….a one-of-a-kind perception of life….jeezzz….i dunno, just find out for yourself……..

i love speaking in front of a huge crowd, with all ears and eyes on me.i enjoy the attention that i get and the fact that i was able to arouse a maelstrom of emotions within them.i marvel in my ability to dazzle, to pique one’s curiosity and to prove that first impressions are oftentimes wrong.i like the tension i can bring to a room,esp during one-on-one sessions.i love seeing the look on other people’s faces as they struggle to answer ridiculously easy questions.im a bitch, in that sense. 🙂

oh,i love fashion. i don’t carry the IT bag. and though i probably never will be a fashion designer,im more like a dictator of taste. 🙂

i always say im not very good with names.the truth is i really don’t care♥i prefer keeping only a handful of real friends.and i love them fiercely♥i hate the requirements of fake friendship.sometimes i wish we could just rip each others’ eyes out and call it even 🙂 if i like you, i can barely keep my mouth shut.if i don’t like you, then you dont exist♥i get bored easily. i crave for a constant change of environment♥it doesn’t take much to make me happy.keeping me happy?that’s an entirely different story♥I ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT BEING A LATE BLOOMER CAN ADD YEARS TO ONE’S LIFE :D♥i pick silly fights just for the heck of it♥i adore weirdness♥when im passionate about something, it consumes me♥my energy level peaks at night♥i always get what i want.sooner or later…one way or another♥i sail through life’s storms with ease,you’ll be surprised with what i’ve lived through♥i’d like to think im tough,without looking like it♥i can forgive.but i never forget♥i say what what i mean.i mean what i say♥im allergic to a lot of things.esp bullshit♥YOU WOULDN’T WANNA BE MY ENEMY♥i believe that there’s a special place in hell for plagiarists (they’re incapable of originality and don’t deserve to live)lol♥i prefer to sleep alone.unless you’re JASON STATHAM.then it’s negotiable♥i hate posers and jejemonsters even more so♥im OC♥i don’t work hard.I WORK SMART ;)♥i love myself to the point of narcissism.love me and i’ll love you more♥im a fan of true love that spans centuries, worlds and souls♥i still believe in fairy tales♥i want a Tinseltown-worthy love story that i can proudly tell my grand kids someday♥like romeo and juliet, satine and christian, talis and callie…minus the sad ending.♥
the best thing about me is my rare ability to fall in love like it’s the first time all the time♥


© The Eclectic Eccentric Shopaholic 2013. All rights reserved. All posts, pictures, short stories, poetry, haiku and other writings are property of The Eclectic Eccentric Shopaholic, unless stated to be otherwise. Unauthorized use or duplication of this material without written permission is strictly prohibited. *If you wish to use any of these then please credit me, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content, AND let me know. Thank you.


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  1. I love your About page! Oh my goodness! You are some cup of saucy wit topped with hilarity, kindness, honesty, and loveable genuineness! I look forward to following your blog! 🙂

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