Babes & Beasts – Tales of Lusty Shifters


Babes & Beasts – Tales of Lusty Shifters is now available!

It’s not just werewolves that abound in this tome. Vamps, demons, satyrs and more have a play at offering their most devilish, sensual and scary sexual romps with their significant others, no-holds-barred. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen, or in this case…hell!

This collection includes short stories and poetry from: Allan Kemp, Marie Gilbert, E.F. Schraeder, Sumiko Saulson,Iesha Bognan, Valerie Brundage, Roger Leatherwood, E.W. Farnsworth, K.Z. Morano, Rie Sheridan Rose, Matthew Wilson, Mathias Jansson, E.S. Wynn, Charlotte Ondac, edited by: Ms. Cinsearae

with my story, “Magic, Monsters, and Bad Mothers”, an erotic horror tale featuring the Manananggal, a monster in Filipino folklore

Close Up

This is a close up image of words written by my mom. She’s still in the hospital–with left-sided hemiplegia after suffering from a severe stroke. (Thank you, btw, for your prayers and positive thoughts.) She communicates through faint head and hand gestures and of course, writing. Deciphering her messages is a tough task. If you fail to look closely, you might misconstrue/miss something significant.

“One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.”
― John Lennon

Daily Prompt: Dear Mom


there’s a reason why i’m reblogging this old post from 2012. this was a letter for my mother. my mom is currently in the hospital. she suffered from a cerebrovascular accident. this is the second stroke. if you pray, please include her in your prayers. thank you.

Originally posted on The Eclectic Eccentric:

Nineteen years you had me,
Your little accident baby.
Thank you, mama,
For not getting rid of me.
How beautiful you were
And how people would compare…
And how it broke my heart
That they could tell us apart.
I wish I could’ve saved you
From the devil, mama.
But I was afraid, too
And how you loved him, mama…
You could’ve walked away
I would’ve come with you, mama.
Still, you chose to stay.
You should’ve broken free
Instead, you broke down.
And I despised your weakness,
Blamed you for your mental illness.
I thought, if you loved me
You would’ve been stronger
And not make me grow up
So much faster.
I needed you, mama,
When I was growing up.
Where were you, mama?
Why did you just stop
Being my mother?
He’s gone now, mama.
But you’re not any better…
And it feels strange
For you to…

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