Old School

copyright-David Stewart

copyright-David Stewart

Daiyu ran as swiftly as he could, the pack of blood safely tucked under his coat.

Jingfei’s life depended on him.

Even as he felt his body weaken, he raced against the early morning rays, needing to get there in time.

He was no more than a block away when he felt his legs stiffen… He transformed into a pillar of ashes.

Inside her cozy little coffin, Jingfei smiled.

She swapped Daiyu’s SPF with good old moisturizer.

No more packed blood for her. She preferred to do it old school.

She closed her eyes with eager thoughts of tonight’s hunt.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano


86 thoughts on “Old School

  1. Tell Jingfei to stay away from the UK just now. She might find herself drinking horse blood thinking it’s human!

    Great story. A cheeky vampire. Well written. I might have preferred the explanation of ‘the swap’ as internal dialogue.

  2. Great descriptions. I love how this starts off with a tone full of panic, then flips to the smile after he’s transformed into a pile of ashes. That’s what happens to anyone who tries to tell a female vampire what to do! 🙂

  3. That’s the creepiest version of this prompt I’ve read yet – congratulations! I hardly know where to start – I like the suggestion at the beginning that Daiyu is a thief running from pursuit and how we slowly realize that he’s really a vampire. I love the way you describe his desperation to help Jingfei and his horrified failure. And I absolutely utterly totally love the twisted end when you reveal that Jingfei set him up for destruction…and why she did it.

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