The Rescue

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

The Rescue

The fructification chamber is where they harvest thoughts… from children, mostly, because they have the grandest imaginations.

They sit, inhaling the drugging vapors, their brains imprisoned within their curious fantasies.

Their dreams nourish the now lackluster world… the very essence of their visions, their hopes, even their nightmares, extracted to create an elixir for the exhausted.

The clients are mostly artists, filmmakers, writers who have lost their touch but refuse to give way.

Surrounded by lazy curls of smoke are rows of orphaned and abducted children.

He unstraps a girl from the chair
and screams at what’s beneath the helmet.

Hi FF family! I’ll probably be late in reading some of the other stories. Another busy week for me. It’s Holy Week and i have a very religious family and i need to seek atonement for my sins. (takes a few days) lol so I guess that’s a pretty legit excuse 🙂 Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers for two years now! Wow. And thank you as well to the people who provide the photos to inspire us every week. this week’s photo is from Douglas M MacIlroy.
Here’s to many more years of great writing and meeting new friends. xo


54 thoughts on “The Rescue

  1. Incredibly rich and unjaded sentences. Really with your tales its not only the story itself, but also the way it is told as a bonus, but didn’t quite get the last line. Not sure why ‘behind’ – but again, wonderfully told.

  2. When I first saw the photo, I thought “let’s see KZ make a horror out of this cheery scene!”
    And you did 🙂
    A scary look into a possible future.

  3. I really liked your take on the prompt! The phrase “elixir for the exhausted” is wonderfully evocative. Great story!

  4. Interesting world you put together there, KZ. Echoes of Stephen King, maybe? The idea of a thought harvester sounds good. I know it’s been done to death (I have read a lot of sci-fi in my life—ideas are common), but not the way YOU write it. It reads almost like a haiku of sorts. Has the same kind of “feel.”

    Have a happy Easter from the USA!

  5. KZ, when I read this, the word “phantasmagorical” came to mind. Just something about the idea of an imagination-harvesting machine. And it ended with a nice horror twist, which is quite your style. It would be great to run the world on children’s imaginations…if it didn’t use them up so horribly in the process. 🙂 Have a great Easter!

  6. Dear K.Z.

    Thank you for the anniversary greeting…actually I will have been hosting two years this coming October. I started with FF under Madison Woods two years ago. 😉

    Another spine-tingling horror offering. Well written.



  7. Now we know where Alice in Wonderland came from. I’m glad I’m too old to have my thoughts harvested. Some of them wouldn’t be very entertaining.
    A very imaginative piece, KZ. Kudos.

  8. K.Z. you never disappoint! You are so talented and well versed to be able each week to hold my imagination- so I look forward to reading you every time! Good job and well done! Happy Easter Egg! Nan 🙂

  9. Hi kz
    I’ve just had a horrible thought: is the fructification chamber where you get your stories from? I hope not! Another fabulously dark story from you 🙂

  10. Am speechless Kz!”Harvest thoughts”-creepy yet so creative!Then,”extracted to create an elixir for the exhausted”-ooh,I shudder at the image!To cap it all,such a horror-laden twist in the end-my mind boggles at your expertise-awesome ,once again! 🙂

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