Festival of Drabbles 2015


I LOVE 100-word stories! Well, obviously. Or else I wouldn’t have written 100 Nightmares. This is why I’m proud to announce that I am a supporter of the First Festival of Drabbles 2015!

The first Festival of Drabbles will start on November 9th and run until the 15th. It will be a week long celebration of drabbles and the art of drabble writing including some of the finest drabblists in the world.

Fellow author Michael Brookes was the one who came up with this brilliant idea. And I’m very pleased to be invited as a participant. If you’re new to drabbles, they are a form of flash fiction in which the story is told in exactly 100 words.

If you’re on Facebook, feel free to join the event! Invite any friends that you think would be interested and share the event on your timeline. 🙂


If you’re on Twitter then tweet a link to this event and if you can use the #festivalofdrabbles hashtag that would be awesome!

See you there!

K.Z. ❤


The Price of Youth – A 100-word story

The Price of Youth
by K.Z. Morano

I was a rotting fruit… fattening flies… waiting to be harvested by death.

I stared at the mirror as the maggots of old age consumed me. Skin, sinew, skeleton, soul…

Then the peddler came, with his potion and persuasive tongue.

It seemed like a fair price at the time.

After all, what need have I for toes…

Or posterior teeth…

Or ovaries…

They’re easily concealed.

Three wealthy husbands later, he returned.

“Fear not, Madame,” he chitchatted as he severed my leg. “Long skirts are fashionable these days.”

I opened my mouth to scream… and silence exploded within the tongueless cavity.

boo! happy almost Halloween, everyone! xox ;)

boo! happy almost Halloween, everyone! xox 😉

Interview at Festivale Magazine

Festivale is an arts and entertainment magazine from Melbourne, Australia. Festivale aims to encourage and support local and international artists and writers and promote interest in Melbourne and Victoria. The page contains movie reviews, info on upcoming films, as well as interviews of various great authors from George R. R. Martin and Anne McCaffrey to unknown indie writers such as… well, K.Z. Morano. 🙂

Check out my interview here http://www.festivale.info/questions/kz_morano2.htm

Magazine editor Ali Kayn asked a few fun and quirky questions! Find out about my favorite authors and TV series, what I would like to achieve from my work and why you should avoid getting stuck in an elevator with me. 😉


More Reviews for 100 Nightmares


Some of the things that readers are saying about 100 Nightmares:

“Such a brilliant concept with no two stories alike. Timeless enjoyment to be reread over and over…” – Paula Limbaugh, Horror Novel Reviews

“Micro fiction at its finest… I wanted to sit back and think about each one for bit… they produce the full gamut of emotions as you read them…”

“The tales are wonderfully horrid, etching their words deeply into your subconscious with scalpel-like precision and a pitchfork’s bloodiness.”

“100 nightmares was a veritable feast. A must have in your collection.”

“It was completely worth the read.”

Thank you so much. I’m so thrilled with the readers’ recent comments on 100 Nightmares. I know there are more people reading the book. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my horrid little nightmares.

Thank you again and again. ❤

xo K.Z.

100 Nightmares by K.Z. Morano — 100 stories, each written in 100 words, with over 50 illustrations

Amazon.com- http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JVRJNG0


Q&A with The Bookie Monster

Shana Festa from The Bookie Monster asked me a few interesting questions. Find out if I’ve ever written myself or people I know as a character in my books, what I do when I’m suffering from ‘writer’s block’, and what I would advice other writers. 🙂

You can read it at http://bookie-monster.com/2014/05/interview-k-z-morano.html

The Bookie Monster is a great place to find author interviews, reviews of books in various genres and more. Check it out. 🙂 xo

Copy of 100 Nightmares banner

Author Interview: My Five Minutes with Jim Mcleod

Wanna get to know me a little better?

I’m currently featured on Ginger Nuts of Horror and you can read the interview here http://www.gingernutsofhorror.com/5/post/2014/05/horror-author-interview-k-z-morano.html
and feel free to leave your comments! 🙂

Thank you, Jim, for interviewing me on your awesome site. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know Jim Mcleod, he is the owner of Ginger Nuts of Horror. It is THE home of the best horror author interviews on the web.

I loved Jim’s questions. They’re interesting, carefully written, and direct to the point… If you’re a fan of horror, you MUST visit the site.
Book reviews, film reviews, author interviews, the latest in horror news… you’ll find it all there.

It takes a great deal of effort and dedication to maintain such a site and Jim is very prolific! I truly appreciate what he is doing for the genre and for the artists.

Do check out the page to show your support. 🙂


Thank you.

K.Z. ❤

The book that helped me create 100 Nightmares

100 Nightmares is out there and is receiving good reviews so far. Thank you.

You know how passionate I am about micro-fiction. Despite the length, I want my stories to have everything– imagery, an intriguing plot… I want the limited length to enhance and not to take away from the reader’s pleasure. 🙂

I’m not even going to pretend that coming up with 100 concepts had been an easy task. Ideas may be cheap but not all of them work well as micro-fiction pieces. (which is why I continued to write longer stories even while I was working on 100 Nightmares) Halfway through the project, I was tearing my hair out, doubting myself and rejecting every single idea that comes into my head. You have no idea how many 100-word stories I’ve written for my book only so I could send them to the recycle bin. haha 🙂 I just didn’t want you to feel ripped off when you purchase 100 Nightmares.

I once mentioned in my Writing Process Interview that I write better when responding to a prompt. It’s because I like challenges… But also, it’s because some days, it’s just difficult to come up with great ideas.
It was sheer luck that while looking for prompts—and there are a lot of nice but used-up ones out there—I stumbled upon this gem.


Okay, it’s not a gem. It’s the whole damn treasure chest! INSTIGATION: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side consists of over 500 writing prompts, articles, essays, and helpful tips. As I read the intro, I knew immediately that I made the right decision in purchasing the book. That was the voice of someone who understood and wanted to help out. You’ll find that it’s like having a mentor.

As I said in my review:

“So I’ve released a book recently… with 100 stories. It would’ve taken me forever to do that had I not decided to invest in Michael Arnzen’s Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side.
Though I didn’t answer the challenges directly, the prompts have inspired me in so many unexpected ways. Sometimes, a sentence or a word from this book is just what you need to get you to start writing again.
These are not the kind of prompts that you can find just anywhere. The ideas are bold, bizarre, brilliant. They make you go to places that you never even knew existed…
This is a book that every aspiring horror author should have.”

Michael Arnzen, for me, is the god of very short horror fiction. I picked the prompts randomly, following Mr. Arnzen’s advice in the book. Some of the stories in 100 Nightmares were inspired by the 365 Sick Scenarios.

Here’s the greatest thing about the book—it doesn’t just teach you WHAT to write. It helps you ignite the fuel. It challenges you to step out of your comfort zone. At times, you don’t even have to really answer the prompts for an idea to start forming inside your head. You’re free to interpret– and misinterpret– each prompt, mix two or several prompts together, even create your own twist on the challenges. In the end, you’ll still have this sense of pride in having written something that’s truly yours.

To my blogger friends who love joining and juggling several writing challenges week after week, we all know how it feels like to run out of cool ideas. I noticed how many people—myself included—started phoning in, blaming it all on real life and day jobs and stuff… and when people are able to still participate but the quality of writing drops, that’s the saddest thing.

Whether you write weird fiction, dark fiction or straight-up horror, I sincerely hope that this book helps you as much as it helped me. (and it’s helping me still) Take note though, Instigation is not a guide on writing micro-fiction. It is also geared towards the writer who creates longer stories and novels.

It will teach you how to start.

It will teach you how to work with what you already have.

It will teach you how not to be boring.

I’m not asking you to take writing advice from me. I’m asking you to take it from a Bram Stoker Award-Winning author with many years of experience in the field.

You can get the book from Amazon.com

And subscribe to the coolest newsletter ever here:


*And if you still want my advice, I’ll say only this: The book won’t work if you’re lazy. So grab a copy, read, pick your challenge, get your ass in front of the computer and do your part. 😉

Happy writing, my friends 🙂


Thank you Sarah Ann!

Thank you, Sarah Ann for sharing news about 100 Nightmares on your blog! 🙂

Read her post here

For those of you who are not acquainted with Sarah Ann Hall, she is a wonderful writer. She writes anything from romantic stories to dark fiction. Her works have been published in several places and like me, she enjoys participating in writing challenges. Visit her blog to read some of her flash fiction and haibun.

Sarah Ann also dabbles in several forms of art such as designing jewelry and painting. Watch out because this talented lady has a project coming up—a short story collection illustrated by artist Janice Hume.

I’m really excited about this book. If there’s one thing better than a compilation of well-written stories, it’s a compilation of well-written stories AND beautiful illustrations. 🙂

Check out Sarah Ann Hall’s blog: http://sarahannhall.wordpress.com/

I would also like to thank everyone who re-blogged/ shared my post about the release of 100 Nightmares and also those who purchased the book. 🙂 Remember, I want need your reviews!! ❤


Guitar Girl

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

Guitar Girl

He sits me on his lap. He clutches my neck.

His fingers strum my ribs.

My body shivers and sings, spurred into life by his sorrow.

I tell myself I’m his instrument… bought, kept… the sounds that I make—of pleasure and pain—fine-tuned to his every mood.

He tugs at my damaged strings and inside my hollow chest, my stifled screams echo for as long as we’ve been together.

His hands tighten around my throat while he convulses in sadistic satisfaction.

Sometimes, I dream of black body bags… of finding reprieve when he zips the world away from me.

I’m late! Sooo late. But I have a legit reason for that. I’ve just released an eBook! yep. 100 Nightmares is now live at Amazon.com, Lulu.com and Smashwords. I created a blog post yesterday, right here A reblog of that post would be wonderful 🙂

Thank you so much to those who supported me from the very start of this project. If you like horror/ my writing, it would be awesome if you could grab a copy and leave a review. 🙂 A fair warning though, most of the stories in the book are way darker than the ones I usually write for FF. (less than 20% of the stories there were from FF– the rest, all new) 🙂

Thanks again! xo K.Z. ❤

100 Nightmares is at Amazon, Lulu and Smashwords

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.