Ligo Haibun Challenge



I looked at her face and the silvery ball of the moon… I had never seen them so beautiful… and so far away. My fingers ached to touch them… But why can’t I? Because He said so… the murmurous voice sprang from her throat. Yes, why give angels wings then forbid them to fly? It was enough to blot out all those years of blind obedience. Ghostly strings pulled me towards her. The hairs on the back of my neck stirred; maybe the angels are keeping their vigil. Through the thick mist I felt a hundred eyes float towards me, willing me to be ashamed. But her lips were red and fragrant and sweet… as any forbidden fruit can be. Willingly, I sank my teeth into their crimson softness. And she let out a soft moan, challenging the night. In my mind I heard Him cry… a long fragmented wail of pain slit the sky. But soon the sound was lost… there was only her and the smooth delicate curve of her neck as she threw it back in total abandon. The moment I took her hand, I knew I was condemned. Even then, I already felt it… tongues of deep scarlet furiously licking at my feet.

Tomorrow we burn
but for a fleeting moment
we shall know heaven

Ligo Haibun Challenge



25 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge

  1. Sometimes kz I know you can write like no other. This is a supreme example – thank you for taking time out to write this haibun, I know the pace of your work must be kept to, and am personally excited about your novel.

    • thank you 🙂 wouldn’t hold my breath though, i’ll be needing plenty of time if i’m ever gonna write a decent enough story ^^

      • Those words mark you the professional you are: sorry to sound fawning, don’t want to be, but yes, it will take as long as it takes. Lord of the Rings took 28 years I think…

      • ohmygod, 28 is just…damn. but that’s Lord of the Rings… and he’s done most of the research for me and other fantasy writers, i suppose, since my world is sort of every time i read blog posts about all these great authors and how long it took for them to write and how many times they got rejected by publishers, i just feel disheartened. but your encouraging words help me a lot ^^

  2. A great tale of temptation. Enjoyed the pull of ‘will he, won’t he?’ and then his pleasure when the gives in – all so well expressed. And such a wonderful haiku summation.

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