Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime Day 3 & 7: Local Diner

I’m taking the Weekly Photo Challenge pretty seriously lol ^^ Today I had lunch with my brother at a local diner. This place has been around since I was a kid. Other kids grew up eating Jolibee or McDonalds – I grew up eating at this diner. ^^ I was FAMISHED so an empty plate is what you get LOL Sorry. I had a classic cheeseburger, creamy macaroni salad and rock ‘n’ roll iced tea. My brother had Salisbury steak with java rice and mashed potatoes. Took my iPhone out a little too late so I decided to take some photos of the place instead. It’s pretty nice. You’ll see James Dean, Elvis and Marilyn and Audrey EVERYWHERE even on their ketchup bottles ^^ there are vintage telephones, cars, Coca-Cola bottles.. etc

extreme burger

Update! For Day 7 of my posts for this week’s theme, I went back to the diner and took some actual food photos ^^


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime Day 3 & 7: Local Diner

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  3. Hi Kz, this brought in a lot of memories … have eaten here once and would love to revisit. i am sure you have been to “Small Talk Cafe” which is a few steps away from Biggs … i remember it to be one yummy food joint as well … great take on the prompt! —April

    • Cool. This is a Biggs Naga City branch though, I live in Naga City 🙂 But I’ve dined once at Small Talk Cafe and yup, I remember their food to be pretty good! I ordered callos, I think. Oh..thanks for reminding me to return to that cafe!! ^^

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  6. Wonderful sit, Madame!!! And, you’ve got some of my favorite heroes all this one page. I just posted a little homage to Elvis on my site (KnottyP.com). And, just my opinion … Audrey Hepburn was probably the most Perfect Person that has ever lived (next to everyone’s Mother, of course). Seriously though, Great Blog! Incredible visual/color composition as well.

    My Best,

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