Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime Day 3 & 7: Local Diner

I’m taking the Weekly Photo Challenge pretty seriously lol ^^ Today I had lunch with my brother at a local diner. This place has been around since I was a kid. Other kids grew up eating Jolibee or McDonalds – I grew up eating at this diner. ^^ I was FAMISHED so an empty plate is what you get LOL Sorry. I had a classic cheeseburger, creamy macaroni salad and rock ‘n’ roll iced tea. My brother had Salisbury steak with java rice and mashed potatoes. Took my iPhone out a little too late so I decided to take some photos of the place instead. It’s pretty nice. You’ll see James Dean, Elvis and Marilyn and Audrey EVERYWHERE even on their ketchup bottles ^^ there are vintage telephones, cars, Coca-Cola bottles.. etc

extreme burger

Update! For Day 7 of my posts for this week’s theme, I went back to the diner and took some actual food photos ^^

Cupcakes by Sonja : Where to get cupcakes in Manila

I miss making a post that’s not for a challenge or prompt! So I’ve decided to make a quick one. At the end of a stressful day, nothing picks me up like good cupcakes — along with chocolate, ice cream and macarons, they’re the addictions that I just can’t seem to kick. ^^ It’s not such a bad thing though to reward yourself every once in a while… ^^ If you ever find yourself in Manila and craving good cupcakes, I suggest you check out Cupcakes by Sonja in Serendra Piaza, Taguig. It’s where I ran off to after taking my recent Japanese exam in DLSU. ^^ and what comfort the pretty little things gave me ^^ Their store, with its vintage theme, is very charming too. ^^ My favorites are Berries and Cream, Red Velvet Vixen and Bunny Hugger Carrot Cupcake. ^^


Pistachio Berries and Cream- brown butter pistachio cupcake topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream icing

my favorites on display -- red velvet vixen and bunny hugger carrot cupcake

my favorites on display — red velvet vixen and bunny hugger carrot cupcake

Red Velvet Vixen – traditional southern red velvet cupcake made with belgian cocoa and topped with cream cheese icing
Bunny Hugger Carrot Cupcake – very moist classic carrot cupcake spiced with cinnamon and covered with cream cheese icing

Obviously, I’m crazy about cream cheese frosting! ^^

so good, you just can't help but take home a couple ^^

so good, you just can’t help but take home a couple ^^

I’m not affiliated with them! lol be sure to check out their website though coz it’s soooo cute ^^ like, one of the cutest I’ve ever seen. ^^ cupcakesbysonja.com warning: the site plays a really jolly supersweet tune ^^

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To Dine in a Dollhouse <3

Hi I’m KZ. I am a grown professional, intelligent and independent young woman who finds simple pleasures in dining inside a cafe that looks like a dollhouse :p lol But seriously, how can I not love it. The interior looks so much like the dollhouse that my father bought me when I was 7. I love that it’s all pink and pastel and that the shelves are filled with so many pretty little things like that vintage birdcage that reminds me of Audrey Hepburn’s in Paris when it Sizzles. When I saw the Sidney Sheldon and Sophie Kinsella books on the shelves, I turned to boyfie and said: “Hello. I live here.” ^^ But seriously, this café should be the perfect place for one to write articles or maybe just gossip with the girls over some tea. The café is divided into two spaces – the right wing aka the dessert area and the left wing where we ordered lasagna, burger and a couple of drinks.

the left side 🙂

beef burger

classic lasagna

red iced tea

green apple and cucumber Italian soda

The right wing’s interior has more subdued hues compared to the previous. Think sunny. To stop me from my “horrid” habit of putting cupcakes on the dashboard, boyfie insisted that we eat them in the café instead. One cupcake for me, one for him – which kinda means two cupcakes for me ^^ And how good they were! ^^ I would’ve loved to stuff my face with sweets ala Marie Antoinette but somebody boyfie ehem is watching what I eat. >< I shall be back for that Prune cake. I promise. xo- kz

black forest cupcake

chocolate caramel cupcake

The White Bean Cafe, Naga City