Merry Christmas!

May you have a genuinely merry Christmas. πŸ™‚ I hope it’s all good food and good company for you. I hope you get to forget your troubles even for a while. This is a great time to be grateful and appreciative of everything we have. And of course, a very good time to be optimistic. πŸ™‚ Sure, it’s also a time where strange people get all up in your biz. My grandma’s cousin came up to me and was like “Why aren’t you pregnant yet? Are you using birth control?” Then goes to my husband and basically tells him to “man up”. LOL Ahhh but this only happens once a year, right? Haha happy holidays everyone :*




A Good Match

Everyone, meet Peachy and Jack…



“He rises to his feet and pulls me up to stand beside him. My chin comes to his shoulder, we are both dainty, long-limbed, coltish: well-matched. I turn my face into his jacket. β€˜Will you marry me?’ he whispers.

β€˜Yes,’ I say.”
-Philippa Gregory, The Kingmaker’s Daughter