It IS Easy Being Green!


“Browns seek knowledge, Blues meddle in causes, and Whites consider the questions of truth with implacable logic. We all do some of it all, of course. But to be a Green means to stand ready.”

-The Dragon Reborn, Robert Jordan


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Reds and Greens

This week our challenge is to show off a few photographs of Reds and Greens. As tempting as it was, I tried to stay away from anything Christmas-y ^^ Here’s my random collection ^^

Greens and Reds from my jewelry box



green or red? emeralds or rubies, which do you prefer? ^^ they’re my hassle-free gift idea for loved ones this season. it’s brilliant coz they can have it made into any kind of jewelry that they want! ^^ my grandma will be thrilled! ^^

Nature’s Reds and Greens


red roses are my favorite flowers… ^^


Reds and Greens as I prepare dinner… ^^

Lastly, some electrifying Reds and Greens from the deep


the Dancing sea fairies at the manila ocean park… more photos of the jellyfish here and here

more Reds and Greens @ Cee’s Photography page