My DIY Rustic Wedding


Yeah, I’m still alive. LOL I know, I know… it’s been a while. And I’m always saying this but I really do miss blogging and writing fiction. That said, I miss reading more. I miss looking at everyone’s photos, those gorgeous images taken from all over the world, taken by different people with different personalities and perspectives. I’ve never seen the northern lights. But I’ve seen it through your photos. Always through different lenses, always through different perspectives. And I will forever remain in awe at how beautiful that sight is when seen through your eyes, and his eyes, and her eyes… It just never looks the same way. Someday, I’ll get to see, no… experience… it for myself. But right now, thank you for letting me see what you see… For letting me in on the experience that is so uniquely yours. Thanks for sharing a little piece of yourself with me.


I never said this but your photos here at the weekly challenges have gotten me through some pretty tough times. Somehow, they’ve provided me with  sweet, sweet escape from the mundane. Your images to me are like multiple windows and doors to different worlds and dimensions that I can just peer into, step into, and get lost in. More than that, your photos have given me inspiration. They’ve made me more ambitious, more eager to see the world. Knowing you has pushed me to travel more, to see more of the world, to taste more of life. So for all that, I’m grateful. I”m glad we connected via WordPress, that we became friends through photos.

Now, I get to return the favor big time. As you may already know, I tied the knot a few months back. I promised some blog followers photos and photos you shall get. 🙂 Here are personal pieces that only I can share with you. As much as I value my privacy, I’d just like to share with you a little idea of what the most important day of my life was like.


The rustic theme is super trending so my fiance, now husband, and I really went for it. More importantly, we realized that it suited our personality as a couple. We wanted something simple but elegant, down to earth but generous… We toiled for months and months DIYing everything from the invitations to the souvenirs. Ariel designed the crates to be used as rustic decor and spray painted the wine bottles. I spent afternoons wrapping jute strings on more wine bottles and late nights sewing lace on burlap for our wedding invites. Together, we stamped wax seals on the envelopes. Together, we dressed up the little jars of homemade pineapple jam in burlap and jute. I plotted the seating arrangement like it was a battle plan. And I’ll never forget the sight of him steam ironing my dress the night before the wedding… Just remembering all that craziness paints a smile on my face. Neither of us have done anything like this before. It was his first time to make wooden pallets. It was my first time painting varnish on wood slices and wooden boxes. Our wedding organizer, who was fabulous btw, was really amazed at how much energy we put into the wedding planning. I can tell that he was super blown away by how OC I was about everything. LOL I gave the wedding suppliers printed handouts as thick as a baby thesis. hahaha I got backups of backups. I printed labels for everything


Our organizer always be like: “Where did you buy this?” and we be like: “Oh, we made it ourselves.” Okay, it’s probably not wise to be experimental on your wedding day. For us, there was always this option to hire a stylist and then there’s always the risk of suffering DIY disasters. I mean, you only get married (for the first time) once… Ideally. If you screw up that photo wall, it’s screwed. But that’s the whole point. We only get to do this once. We only get to enjoy this once. So we figured, hey, if we make mistakes, we’ll make them together. And then we’ll just laugh at them together. It was kind of the same with this decision that I made to rock a face veil. I had a traditional church wedding and everyone urged me to wear a long veil. They said it looks better in photos and that it’s more appropriate for a Cathedral wedding. I was like: Screw appropriate. I’ve always envisioned myself walking down the aisle with my face bare and me smiling at everyone.


In the end, the wedding was everything we wanted it to be and more… An intimate affair with us surrounded by our closest friends and family. It wasn’t perfect. It never is. But the feeling was.



It was my husband’s idea that we should have tokaji (tokay) Hungarian wine for our wedding toast. Coz champagne is overrated, he said (though the ladies and I drank champagne at the bridal suite while getting dolled up). I said yeah, brilliant idea. My fiance didn’t know this but fans of horror will recognize it as the wine that the Count Dracula served to his guest, Jonathan Harker. It’s delicious.

Planning the entire wedding may have been experimental for us but our love is something that has been tried and tested over the years.



K.Z. ❤





happy valentines day! :-)


happy valentines day my dear blog friends 🙂 allow me to be cheesy just for today lol i hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones and i hope that all the love and sweetness and surprises don’t end here 🙂 i hope that we all learn to rediscover life’s tiny treasures… and i hope you remember to love yourself, every day. 🙂 xoxoxo K.Z.

Daily Prompt: Play Lexicographer

Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome (RTS). No, that isn’t the word that I invented. It’s a real condition which my pretty little cousin was born with. It’s characterized by short stature, moderate to severe learning difficulties, distinctive facial features, and broad thumbs and first toes. For more information you can start here

Anyway, I love my cousin to pieces and sometimes I’d wonder what it would be like to see the world through her innocent, smiling eyes… But she does this thing where we would go on two hour drives, and in the car, she would say my name non-stop… “ATE K…ATE K…ATE K..ATE K…” (ATE is a title for an older sister) While I am deeply touched that she never forgets my name despite her condition, I would silently pray that the drive would be over before my ears start bleeding and my head explodes.

So how’s this related to the Daily Prompt? More than a year ago, my boyfriend became infected with the “ATE K” virus. Out of the blue, he’d say my name in this weird, annoying little voice just to piss the hell out of me; then he started naming things after me. EVERYTHING was ATE K! ATE K burger, the ATE K park(ocean park), ATE K’s ‘r’ Us, the K-phone (iPhone), the ATE K Legacy (Bourne Legacy), Krispy K, the ATE K-saurus….. When I got a new bag, he called it ATE K Berry (Burberry) >< Basically, ATE K is a word that could mean anything and everything.

Maybe the ATE K disease is truly contagious.

Maybe he’s just crazy about me.

Maybe he just enjoys being an asshole.

If my boyfriend ever runs for President of the Whole Wide Universe, do NOT vote for him. There’d be massive confusion and complete pandemonium.

*Take note that this was way before he saw that movie with Sacha Baron Cohen, the Dictator, where his character General Aladeen doesn’t understand most of the words in the English language so he changed many of the words in the dictionary to Aladeen.

DOCTOR: Do you want first the ATE K news or the ATE K news?
PATIENT: the ATE K news.
DOCTOR: You are HIV – ATE K.

Having said all that, I might’ve only used this prompt as an excuse to raise awareness on Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome. It’s very rare yet very real and very few people know about it.

Daily Prompt: something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.

An advice for a very specific friend:

“Don’t trust anyone the way I trusted you.”

I won’t be there to watch your back if you do.

Remember the days when we would be completely content to just sit in our little corner and judge everyone else…

…she’s so fat…I heard she lost her virginity in a…look at her shoes…yes, he dumped her…she smells gross…her boyfriend cheated on her with…pregnant…what did he ever see in her…nose job…he got paid to do it…whore…I know for a fact she…

I’m glad we don’t see each other anymore.

I’ve grown weary of exchanging pleasantries over cakes and tea.

I’m done pretending to be someone who isn’t me.

If you ever get down from your high horse

Maybe we’ll meet again eye to eye.

But until then

Don’t you dare trust anyone the way I trusted you.

Unless, of course, you don’t mind getting stabbed in the back too.

*fake air kisses*

Story Challenge: Letter S

Solitude. Sunset. Silhouette.

i’ll prolly be killed for this but here’s the story

so he packed his bags
to leave town for awhile
to erase the memory of her face
with the sea and alcohol
so he surfed all day
partied all night
but what they don’t know of
is that brief moment in between
when the sun sets
and everything falls quiet
all he could think about
was how it would’ve been perfect
if only she was there.

-post breakup

challenge from this great blog

Daily Prompt: TODAY IS FIX IT DAY!

If I were to invent a holiday that would be celebrated all over the world, it would be called FIX IT DAY.
It would be a holiday where people would get an off-day from their jobs not to goof off but to reflect on their lives and decide on what needs to be fixed.

It could be the broken window that your wife has been nagging you to repair.

It could be your weight issues.

It could be your drinking problem.

It could be your job that sucks.

It could be your relationship with your children.

It could be the fact that you’re single but so desperately want to have someone to hold at night.

It could be that funny thing in your testicles that freaks you out but you’re just too much of a pussy man to have it checked out.

It could be that secret you’ve been hiding in the closet that’s pounding on the doors and begging you to set it free.

It could be an abusive situation.

It could be a much-deserved trip.

God forbid, it could even be your wardrobe!

It could be anything. It could be everything. It could be your whole damn life.

There’s just so much complaining. There’s so much fear. Too much hiding. But never enough action.
It’s sad that it would take a holiday for men to feel obliged to give flowers to their women… That it would take some bright lights and a tree for everyone to be a little bit nicer to each other… That it would take a new year for anyone to consider a resolution. So if what it would take is a holiday, then so be it.
The great thing about FIX IT DAY is that it’s not just all for show… People would be encouraged to do less talk and more actions.

So get your tools and fix that goddamn window. Then get your wife to bed and shut her up.

Take your paws off those cupcakes. Eat healthier. Work out.

Get those bottles the hell out of your house. Seek help.

Consider your other career options. Refuse to be stuck in a rut.

Sit with your children. Talk to them. Tell them you love them.

Ask him/her out. If they say no, move the hell on.

Grab your balls and go see a doctor.

Come out to your parents. Tell them you’d rather be with your best friend Jenny than your fiancé Tom.

Walk out that door. Never look back.

Pack your bags and jump on a plane.

Clean your closet. Stop wearing jeans that are two sizes bigger. Know your freakin bra size.

It’s challenging, I know. But here’s another great thing about FIX IT DAY. It’s also a day for KINDNESS and ACCEPTANCE. A day where people don’t judge others for what they’ve decided is what’s right for themselves. Instead, everyone is urged to support each other… To cheer each other on… To acknowledge each other’s courage and if possible, to help others reach their goals. And in return, they get the same kind of understanding… the same kind of encouragement… the same kind of love.

Since some people are just so easy to quit, I shall propose that FIX IT DAY is to be celebrated once every first day of the month so that people can assess and evaluate themselves and see if they are heading the right direction or if their goals have changed.

You know what the best thing about this holiday is? No companies will profit from it. Just you. Just me. And the happiness we are to get from it isn’t a fleeting one… but one that’s real and lasting and could only come from a life that’s being lived the way it should.

xo- kz