Ghosts: Revenge


Ghosts: Revenge by JWK Fiction is now available on Kindle!

I’m very pleased to say that my story, Yūrei no Yado appears in this anthology

edited by James Ward Kirk

with tales of haunting and vengeance penned by great authors

Michael Thomas-Knight
Mary Genevieve Fortier
William Cook
Roger Cowin
Scáth Beorh
James S. Dorr
Dona Fox
CS Nelson
John Sies
Michael Tugendhat
Guy Burtenshaw
E.F. Schraeder
Evan Dicken
Brian Rosenberger
Mike Jansen
Sheldon Woodbury
Allen Griffin
Ken L. Jones
Rik Raven-Daleford
Flo Stanton
Kenneth Whitfield
Rie Sheridan Rose
William Petersen
Brian Rosenberger
Tim Jeffreys
Stephen O’Connor
Matthew Weber
Nicholas Day
Steve Foreman
Neal F. Litherland
Alex S. Johnson
J. C. Michael
Betty Rocksteady
Justin Hunter
Angeline Trevena
David Schütz II
Lori R. Lopez
Magenta Nero
Tracy L. Carbone
T.S. Woolard

and K.Z. Morano 😉

the illustrations by Gidion Van de Swaluw are OUT OF THIS WORLD! just brilliant!

cover design by John D. Stanton

cover art by Stephen Cooney



7 thoughts on “Ghosts: Revenge

  1. Congrats, KZ 🙂 I’m in this book too! I look forward to reading your story. My story is called The Obsidian Box. It was one of the last entries so James just put my name on the kindle page now (a little late). If you could check and add me to your authors list, that would be great, naturally you’ll be on my announcement page when I set up the links 🙂

  2. I just read your story and it was wonderful, K.Z.! Creepy, full of tradition and folklore, and with an excellent twist. Great job, I’m glad it’s the first story in the book because it sets the mood perfectly 🙂

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