Daily Prompt: See You in 20

Dear KZ 20 years from now,

I’m anxious. Tell me…

Are you happy?

Was life everything you hoped it would be?

Did you ever get married?

Did you ever move past your fears?

Do you have kids?

I need to know… are you a good mother?

Do you know your own children?

Are you healthy?

Have you continued to eat right?

Are you still in love?

Do you still see him the way I see him now?

Does he still make you laugh?

Do you still dress up?

Have you aged gracefully like I have always hoped?

Do you still keep in touch with your family?

Are summers still as beautiful as they are now?

You know what…. Don’t bother answering.

I’ve decided to live my life in such a way that all the answers to my questions would be nothing but a resounding YES.

We’ll make it. See you in 20… ^^

Forever no to Botox,

The younger you


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3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: See You in 20

    • yeah it’s kinda fun ^^ i’m thinking i’d only participate if i like the topics but so far all the themes are pretty interesting ^^ give it a try

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