Festival of Drabbles 2015: Drabble Books in the Horror Genre


November is a very special month. We’re celebrating the very first Festival of Drabbles!!! If you’re not familiar with drabbles, (like, seriously?) drabbles are stories which are written in exactly 100 words. Before my short stories got published, I practiced writing fiction by creating 100-word stories. My love affair with 100-word tales began when I joined this group called Friday Fictioneers hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Damn I miss FF! In fact, some of the bloggers participating in the Festival of Drabbles 2015 are old friends from Friday Fictioneers (Hi Björn and Suzanne!)

I’m not sure if you know this but my very first published piece is actually a drabble which I entered in a contest hosted by Popcorn Horror UK. The story, “The Baobab” was something that I wrote for Friday Fictioneers. After my drabble book, 100 Nightmares got published, it received a favorable review from author Michael Brookes of The Cult of Me. In case you don’t know who this guy is (seriously? again?), he’s only one of the finest drabblists around, not to mention the genius who came up with the idea of the Festival of Drabbles. It’s really great to meet people who are as passionate about 100-word stories as I am and this event is a wonderful way to connect with more fellow drabble enthusiasts.

Well, you already know that I’m a huge supporter of drabbles as well as a hardcore horror fan. Thus, it makes perfect sense that my contribution for the Festival of Drabbles 2015 is a list of drabble books in the horror genre. I’ve actually read some of these books. The others are still on my to-read list.

Drabble Books in the Horror Genre

1) Popcorn Horror Presents

Published by Popcorn Horror, with illustrations from C.R. Murray



Popcorn Horror asked fans to create horror stories in 100 words or less. This collection is a selection of some of the horrifying tales they received, consisting of micro-fiction from the winner and the finalists.

2) Tiny Tales of Terror

From my friend and fellow Fictioneer, Adam Ickes.



100 stories. 100 words each. Tiny snippets of terror for your consumption.

3) Wicked Little Things

Also by Adam Ickes.



100 tiny tales of terror gave birth to 100 monstrosities.

4) 100 Horrors

Published by Cruentus Libri Press and edited by Kevin Bufton



A hundred 100-word horror stories from 100 authors.

5) Another 100 Horrors

Again, from Cruentus Libri Press


Another 100 writers. Another 100 stories. Another 100 horrors.

6) Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2014

Edited by Roy C. Booth and Jorge Salgado-Reyes



Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and goblins… 100 Halloween-themed drabbles for your enjoyment.

7) 13 Quick Shivers

Compiled by Dailynightmare.com


Featuring thirteen 100-word horror tales from various authors. Each story is graphically typeset to enhance the mood.

8) 22 More Quick Shivers

This is the second annual anthology from the makers of 13 Quick Shivers.



A collection of 22 horror tales, each 100 words in length. Each story re-tells a nightmare.

9) 100 Nightmares

From K.Z. Morano. 😉 (yep, totally tooting my own horn here 🙂 )

Copy of 100 nightmares ebook cover


100 horror stories, each written in 100 words, with over 50 illustrations.

Don’t stop here! Celebrate the Festival of Drabbles with us by stopping by the following blogs:

and more!!


K.Z. ❤


6 thoughts on “Festival of Drabbles 2015: Drabble Books in the Horror Genre

  1. Thanks for mentioning my books, KZ. Volume 3 is almost complete. Hoping to have it out by the end of the year, but time will tell. 🙂

    I’ll have to keep my eyes open for next year’s festival of drabbles as it seems as though I may have missed the boat this year.

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