The Rescue

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

The Rescue

The fructification chamber is where they harvest thoughts… from children, mostly, because they have the grandest imaginations.

They sit, inhaling the drugging vapors, their brains imprisoned within their curious fantasies.

Their dreams nourish the now lackluster world… the very essence of their visions, their hopes, even their nightmares, extracted to create an elixir for the exhausted.

The clients are mostly artists, filmmakers, writers who have lost their touch but refuse to give way.

Surrounded by lazy curls of smoke are rows of orphaned and abducted children.

He unstraps a girl from the chair
and screams at what’s beneath the helmet.

Hi FF family! I’ll probably be late in reading some of the other stories. Another busy week for me. It’s Holy Week and i have a very religious family and i need to seek atonement for my sins. (takes a few days) lol so I guess that’s a pretty legit excuse 🙂 Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers for two years now! Wow. And thank you as well to the people who provide the photos to inspire us every week. this week’s photo is from Douglas M MacIlroy.
Here’s to many more years of great writing and meeting new friends. xo

Thank you, Patricia!

Thank you, Patricia, for generously sharing 100 Nightmares on your blog.

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Patricia writes for the simple pleasure of doing it… truly the best reason to write. 🙂

I really like Patricia. She’s one of the first bloggers here at WordPress who had left an impression on me. I think she’s a truly beautiful and brave woman.

Check out her blog where she posts haiku, haibun and short fiction.

Her haiku has always been one of my favorites back in my Carpe Diem days and I hope to be writing haiku again one of these days. 🙂 but oh, you ABSOLUTELY have to check out her weekly 100-word stories for Friday Fictioneers. Her contributions to FF are consistently amazing, no matter what genre. For me, she’s certainly one of the best in the group.

Turn Around

Copyright-John Nixon

Copyright-John Nixon

Every day, the sky is a cauldron churning with hell’s wrath.

Every night, the stars watch my back like a constellation of vengeful eyes.

A voice hisses through the trees. “Turn around.”

I don’t.

The ligneous limbs reach for me.

“Turn around.” The voice mimics my wife’s.

I gaze ahead, not knowing who or what’s behind me…

“Turn around, daddy.”

I stop.

I’ve forgotten what she looked like… why we were so ashamed of her… why we felt the need to bury her ugliness in these woods.

I’ve been walking for a long time.

Maybe it’s time to turn around…

Thank you, Ese!

Thank you, Ese, for offering to join the blog blast for 100 Nightmares 🙂

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Ese Kļava is among the first wonderful friends that I had the pleasure of meeting through this blog.
I’ve always thought of Ese as the beautiful and mysterious poetess.
Her writing always has touches of sensuality which is so natural and effortless.

Visit her at where she writes haiku and haibun.

You’ll love her blog because Ese is very prolific! I go to her page weekly for her photography. She joins a lot of photo challenges and also hosts her own– Ese’s Weekly Shoot&Quote Challenge.

More awesome news! Ese will be releasing a book soon.


Coming out soon, Butterfly Thy Name is an odyssey of discovery and fulfillment. A deeply personal story, the book is an erotic quest for aesthetic pleasure, in a story that will touch readers in quite unique ways, as they read about Ese’s adventures, breaking sensual taboos in a journey that takes her from her native Latvia to France, Bahrain, India and South America for deep intimacy and desire.

Ooohh… Intriguing. Definitely my kind of book. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one! I’m sure this is going to be hot! 🙂 🙂

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Spring Finally Came

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copyright – Adam Ickes

copyright – Adam Ickes

Spring finally came…

I toiled in acres of buried bodies and the breeze babbled with our parents’ timorous voices.

Like everyone else, I murdered mine.

Mother’s eyes reflected the hunger that I felt…

So I shattered the mirror that was her face.

Her screams were like breaking glass– fragmented, crystalline.

The village was cursed with cold barrenness but because of our sacrifices, the earth became fertile once again.

It bore new a new kind of fruit.

The fleshy pink contours inside the crustaceous covering resembled our elders’ faces.

We ate… but the fruit left a bitter taste in our mouths…

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I won! Yaaay!!! :)

Hey everyone! 🙂

So I entered a 99-word horror story in this really cool contest and I won 🙂 🙂 🙂

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