All I want for Christmas and New Year is…


(and Jason Statham)

Woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise. Two positive reviews on Blood Reign Literary magazine that I have stories in. THANK YOU ❤

Reviews mean a lot to writers. I'm sure most of you know this. Most of us don't get paid much for participating in anthos but the feeling of getting our work out there and knowing that people actually read (and like) them is more than enough to compensate for the hard work.

Also, a couple of months ago, I posted a code for Ugly Babies: the Anthology so people can download it for free on Amazon and Smashwords. We’re also on Goodreads (btw, feel free to add me and compare books and stuff) 🙂

If you’ve read the book, please rate it. Pretty please. It would mean a lot to the contributing authors and to those who will be featured in Volume 2. Plus, we’d like to get your honest opinion.

If you liked my story (or any other author’s), feel free to mention it in your review. 🙂 Let us know. Share the love.

Anyway, happy holidays. I’m still celebrating. ^^ I hope your Christmas eve rocked. I’m looking forward to spending my 2014 with you. xoxo

Proud Mama! ;)

As of this morning, I am officially a proud mama of……………. an ugly baby!

Read my story “The Other Child” in Ugly Babies: the Anthology
published by James Ward Kirk Fiction, edited by Sydney Leigh, with amazing cover art by Stephen Cooney

now available in Amazon


and if you have a Smashwords account, you can download the book for FREE (through Monday, October 21 only)


K.Z. ❤

Ugly Babies: The Anthology

UGLY BABIES: the Anthology available on Amazon and Smashwords

UGLY BABIES: the Anthology available on Amazon and Smashwords

HI GUYS! More awesome news. My 1,000w flash fiction piece will be featured in the first volume of a horror anthology.

Ugly Babies: The Anthology
Edited by Sydney Leigh
Published by James Ward Kirk
Cover Artwork by Stephen Cooney

Watch out for my own dark version of a classic Grimm fairytale.

I joined coz the theme’s just fantastic and the team’s sick with talent! And oh, I believe submissions are still on-going. If you got some seriously creepy artwork or a hair-raising story to share (about babies from infancy to 5 y/o), be sure to check out the Facebook Page There’s a prize for Editor’s Pick and all contributors will earn a free Kindle edition of the anthology. It’s gonna be so much fun! ^^


*update: submissions for vol 1 closed. anthology to be released very soon!! ^^ yey!