R.I.P. Necro (Tracy Crockett)

Well, this came as a shock.

I knew Necro (Tracy Crockett) was having issues with his health. He passed away a few days ago. I only knew Necro through Facebook. The reason why I’m posting this is because he’s actually one of the kindest people I knew through FB. I’m glad that our common love for the horror genre brought us together. He was so passionate about horror. He was more than just a fan of the genre. He genuinely lived and breathed for it. I’m glad that somehow our paths crossed. I actually like him enough to miss him.

I’ll miss you, Necro! I think a lot of people will too.



Check out this link for Necro’s final expense fund



If you pray, say one for Necro. Thank you.

Texas Terror Entertainment Author Spotlight

Hey everyone! I’m this month’s featured author on Texas Terror Entertainment!


Thank you so much, NecroStein for the awesome interview.

You can read the interview here http://umag666.wix.com/texas-terror-ent#!october-2014/ch03 There’s also a story there, a new nasty little piece entitled “Sex and Stainless Steel” though it’s certainly not for readers with more delicate sensibilities. 😉 Check out the page if you wish to read it. ❤