To Dine in a Dollhouse <3

Hi I’m KZ. I am a grown professional, intelligent and independent young woman who finds simple pleasures in dining inside a cafe that looks like a dollhouse :p lol But seriously, how can I not love it. The interior looks so much like the dollhouse that my father bought me when I was 7. I love that it’s all pink and pastel and that the shelves are filled with so many pretty little things like that vintage birdcage that reminds me of Audrey Hepburn’s in Paris when it Sizzles. When I saw the Sidney Sheldon and Sophie Kinsella books on the shelves, I turned to boyfie and said: “Hello. I live here.” ^^ But seriously, this café should be the perfect place for one to write articles or maybe just gossip with the girls over some tea. The café is divided into two spaces – the right wing aka the dessert area and the left wing where we ordered lasagna, burger and a couple of drinks.

the left side 🙂

beef burger

classic lasagna

red iced tea

green apple and cucumber Italian soda

The right wing’s interior has more subdued hues compared to the previous. Think sunny. To stop me from my “horrid” habit of putting cupcakes on the dashboard, boyfie insisted that we eat them in the café instead. One cupcake for me, one for him – which kinda means two cupcakes for me ^^ And how good they were! ^^ I would’ve loved to stuff my face with sweets ala Marie Antoinette but somebody boyfie ehem is watching what I eat. >< I shall be back for that Prune cake. I promise. xo- kz

black forest cupcake

chocolate caramel cupcake

The White Bean Cafe, Naga City


A Vegetarian Cafe

in my city, there are more restaurants and food stalls than there are clothing stores. Sucks for me but prolly good news to people who love to eat and apparently, that’s majority of the people here. My favorite restaurant, however, isn’t located inside the mall or at Centro (where more businesses, establishments and the city market are located) or Magsaysay (where the hottest night spots are). In fact, going there means driving towards the opposite direction. The place is not as well-known, totally underrated, and nestled inside a subdivision. Loyal patrons like us, however, would drive all the way there for a quick bite or a takeout and at times, purchase some of their products like bread, lettuce, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

This place is a vegetarian restaurant that offers healthy, freshly prepared meals that contains no meat, poultry, eggs, milk, fish or shellfish, artificial ingredients or sweeteners and preservatives. It’s the real deal. The place isn’t only for vegetarians but also for those who want to eat healthier, those on a reducing diet, and those who are simply looking for some good food. Their menu ranges from Chinese to Filipino to Italian to Mexican and so on… If you’re anything like my grandma, you’re probably making a face right now. ^^ But you’ll be shocked to find out that the food here actually tastes great! Even my crazy carnivore of a friend loved it when I took her there for some ice cream and pizza. Yup, you read it right; ice cream, pizza, nachos, burritos, enchiladas, pasta, noodles, burgers, muffins, smoothies – they have it. So you can chill coz you can expect not to come across any weird-sounding or intimidating names on the menu. 😉 they have a variety of salads, of course, i have recipes here and here . 🙂 They also have Filipino viands that use tofu instead of meat, paired with organic brown rice. Though they also taste ok, I refrain from ordering stuff like these coz I really don’t get why people fool themselves with meat substitutes ^^ I mean, if I want it, I’ll get the real thing—preferably grass fed beef. Besides, it’s only gonna make me crave for the real thing. Ok, back to earth. The interiors of the café is quite simple, sort of homey and definitely very cozy; they play soft background music when there are guests and the staff are very friendly. It’s a wholesome place for families and friends to dine together; one time we even saw a couple having a romantic candle-lit dinner. Awwww… then I turned to boyfie asked him why he hadn’t thought of it sooner. ^^ If you ever find yourself in my city, be sure to drop by this place; you just might love it too.

*I just remembered to add that they also hosts cooking classes for those who are dedicated in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Also, don’t bother going there on Fridays and Saturdays coz they are likely to be closed. We sometimes forget this and drive all the way there only to laugh about how stupid we are :p