Sweet Tooth! my Munchbites / Munchkins


my comfort food when it’s “that time of the month” 🙂 sorry gentlemen! no, im not 🙂 i had my first taste of this addictive ‘zert through my brother’s gf, cathy. she brought some from a bake sale in Ateneo de Naga University. the moment i sank my teeth into the soft adorable marshmallow-stuffed, coconut-covered little ball, i knew i had to get my ass down to that school. so boyfie and i drove there and i bought every last one then stored them in a jar on my desk. lol i knew the recipe had to be pretty easy so i looked it up online and stumbled upon a blog. i then realized that when it comes to munchbites, it’s better to make your own since it involves plenty of rolling between the baker’s palms ^^ the stuff is made from a mixture of chocolate and honey flavored crushed graham crackers, condensed milk and mini marshmallows for the filling… just be sure to pour the milk gradually on the mixture until you achieve the right texture.(too dry needs more milk; too sticky needs more crackers) then get a small patch, place the mallow in the middle then roll in your palms to make a ball. then coat in dessicated coconut.don’t scrimp as the coconuts tend to fall off ^^ sounds pretty simple huh? chill or bake, it’s your choice. i personally prefer baking them for a couple of minutes in a small oven toaster; that way, the marshmallows would melt. yum ^^

*don’t over bake, though, coz the melted mallows might seep out from the crust. another tip, don’t use too much crushed graham for a ball coz that’ll result to a kinda thick and hard munchkin

xo- kz