Trifextra: my 33 words of passion

They’d wanted it for long…

His need to devour her, urgent..

He touched pink…

Hidden valley discovered…

Huge tide… Flapping…

Wild ripping sensation…

Relief found, they lie,

Wrapped in a blanket of quiescence…

WORD GAME: scour page 33 of Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge, choose 33 words, and reshape those words into a piece of your own.



I part my lips to partake
Of your flesh,
Drinking deeply
From your cup of blood;
I chose eternal damnation
Over a path of gold,
Our unholy bond
The only heaven I’ll know.

*I like the challenge of writing in 33 words ^^ I never actually thought I’d be able to express something through just a few words but yey I did. I urge you guys to join. ^^ (click on the button for instructions)

Daily Post: Stroke of Midnight

At the stroke of midnight
You stroke my……
Outside were loud
Jolly passersby.
Through the night
I heard fireworks roar
While we played around
On the bedroom floor.
“Happy Monthsary”
You whispered in my ear.
No place I’d rather be
Than with you, right here.
From midnight til dawn
Making fireworks
Of our own.

Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be?

Story Challenge: Letter “Y”

I know what you’re thinking.. jeez, how many posts can this girl make? lol but I can’t bear to be late for for frizztext‘s A-Z weekly story challenge! ^^ Join in and share your Y story.


Y is for the Yuletide Season

Yummy food, bright yellow lights;
Friends, fam’ly, young and old souls
Sit together to share a few bites
Of ham and yam and yeasty dinner rolls.
Adults yapping, children yawning,
But all come together
For this yearly gathering.
‘Tis time to forget
the sorrows of yesterday;
A new leaf, a new life
To those that have lost their way.
Yearn not for the past
Rather, look yonder;
Youth is never lost
It’s in the heart of the beholder.
So yield, my friend, let go…
Embrace the new year.
Forgive, forget..
Kiss the ones you hold dear,
Open your palm to blessings
And leave behind fear.

a very Merry Christmas to everyone!!
xo – kz ^^

Daily Prompt: Me Time

How about a few words that rhyme
About the Daily Prompt: Me Time
Yes I feel like an ass
But I couldn’t let this one pass
I promised the Pirate I’d make him chuckle (apparently, he was brought down by my last post)
Plus this one’s pretty easy to tackle

Ick! WTF. Did I just write that?? It’s like a rap song gone bad ^^ LOL

Saturday mornings for me
Could be anything I want them to be…
Stay buried deep in sheets, or rise early
And make a pot of tea.
Watch old black and white movies,
Even put on some bad TV;
I could go out for some ice cream
Listen to some music and daydream.
Grab my bikini and hit the beach;
Some days, I take extra load and teach.
I could always take a writing assignment
Or choose to just chill and live in the moment.
I could hop over to my granny’s,
Then we could get our manis and pedis.
I could paint, read Vogue, curl up with a book
Or cuddle with my designer clothes in my little nook. (weird aren’t I?)
I could shop, cook, make DIY stuff;
Some Saturdays, though, are a little tough…
These are the mornings of silly affairs;
Put on a fancy dress and fix my hair,
To go to brunch, talk to people I don’t know,
Stuff my face with quiches, smile, put on a show.
But my favorite Saturday mornings
Are from sleepovers from Friday evenings.
Prancing about his room in his baggy old t-shirt,
Watching him fondly on his computer,
High with the scent that’d usually linger…
Smiling in memory of talks that last all night
And the stuff that happens in between pillow fights. ^^

Daily Prompt: Dear Mom

Nineteen years you had me,
Your little accident baby.
Thank you, mama,
For not getting rid of me.
How beautiful you were
And how people would compare…
And how it broke my heart
That they could tell us apart.
I wish I could’ve saved you
From the devil, mama.
But I was afraid, too
And how you loved him, mama…
You could’ve walked away
I would’ve come with you, mama.
Still, you chose to stay.
You should’ve broken free
Instead, you broke down.
And I despised your weakness,
Blamed you for your mental illness.
I thought, if you loved me
You would’ve been stronger
And not make me grow up
So much faster.
I needed you, mama,
When I was growing up.
Where were you, mama?
Why did you just stop
Being my mother?
He’s gone now, mama.
But you’re not any better…
And it feels strange
For you to call me your daughter.
We don’t hug, we don’t kiss.
But there are times that I miss
How you taught me how to recite
poetry in the bath
As you lathered my back
After homework and math,
And the glass of warm milk
Before I hit the sack.
I know now, mama
It was never your fault…
You were like me,
Forced to grow up.
In your own way, you were strong.
After all, you’re still here…
Cheated death just to be near.
Look at me, mama.
I grew up pretty well.
It’s okay, mother…
We did a pretty good job
Raising each other.

Your daughter,

Write a letter to your mom. Tell her something you’ve always wanted to say, but haven’t been able to.

Writing Challenge: Picture it & Write IV

Every fortnight the fantastic ermiliablog hosts a photograph suggested by contributors. People are urged to join in, comment with their paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. Poems, stories, even comments by readers are welcome.


If I had a bag of pixie dust
I’d sprinkle some on my toes;
I’d fly above ‘em hospital roofs
And shake a few to lift people’s woes.

I’d scatter some on fields of grain
So that no one will go hungry again.
A dash on our leaders’ morning coffee,
That they may honor our trust with honesty.

Next I’d hover above people’s homes
To shower some laughter and joy;
I’d soar through the heaven’s above
And make it rain with peace and love.

And If I have a few more left
I’d sprinkle some on me and you,
So that even when the magic’s gone
Still, we can make more dreams come true .

kz ^^

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Story Challenge: Letter “W”

W is for Woman

A woman is warm,
Wealthy with love,
From your worrisome mother
To your wondrous wife.

A woman is willful
Witty and wise
Behind those winsome smiles
A pair of watchful eyes.

Some are experienced, worldly and wild,
Others may be meek and wide-eyed;
More than a handful are wounded and wrathful
But all of them, you’ll find, are equally wonderful.

For when it comes to love she never gets weary
Welcoming arms, wholehearted loyalty.
Well-formed, wispy, whatever she may be,
A woman is precious and of your respect, utterly worthy.


my grandma on her 70th birthday

my grandma on her 70th birthday

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