Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 103

essential to life
the little space under my hat
enjoying the coolness

(c) Basho (1676)

Today, we have a brilliant inspirational haiku by Kristjaan

such a hot day
my shadow needs to cool down
under the willow


my haiku:

looking for a tree
to shelter man’s silly head
the oak’s dying gasps

the oak’s dying gasps
man rests his weary ass
on a wooden bench

on a wooden bench
man grumbles under the heat
looking for a tree


SUNDAY POST : Natural Resources

In response to jakesprinters weekly photo challenge, I give you my FAVORITE… ^^

from the tree to your kitchen ^^

buko / young coconut salad — always present in every occasion ^^

I already told you how gaga I am over coconut water in my older post** — it’s nature’s soft drink! ^^ It’s a great way to rehydrate your body, raise metabolism, promote weight loss, detoxify, cleanse your digestive tract and prevent urinary tract infections. I’m glad that I get to kill several birds with this one stone post. It’s a great way to spark awareness on the health benefits of the coconut water as well as the other uses of the coconut tree from root to tip:

Coconut Roots can be used for medicinal purposes.
Coconut Trunk yields durable wood which is made to various pieces of furniture and structures.
Coconut Husk is utilized to make rope, matting, and coarse cloth.
Coconut Leaves are used for roofing, paper pulp, midrib brooms, hats, fans, bags, etc
Coconut Inflorescence is used to produce Coconut Juice or Tuba – otherwise known as the “poor man’s wine”.
Virgin coconut oil is used for cosmetic and healing purposes.
Coconut Shell can be used as materials for handicrafts.
• And lastly, let’s not forget the coconut cooking oil and coconut vinegar which are staples in our household. ^^

And that’s just the really short version. The coconut tree has many more wonderful uses but that’s what google is for 😉

I love the coconut tree! It gives and gives ‘til there’s no more… It’s only appropriate for it to be called the Tree of Life. 🙂

Photos taken @ family-owned farm in Bombon, Cam Sur during last year’s visit ^^ no way to glam up the pics — it is what it is, naturally beautiful.

*older post here for What to Eat in the Philippines ^^