Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 81

Quick! think of a snow haiku ^^ lol I’m not really in the mood.. Just so you know, I don’t have snow ^^ It’s SWELTERING and I’m having ice cream right now. Yumm ^^


Melted caramel
Tipping my small ice cream cup
For that last cool drop.

Frozen blanket pulled
From the earth’s sleepy surface
Flowers rub their eyes.

Yuki no hate (end of snow)


It’s a Wonderful Life! :)

Today’s daily prompt was about the last time you felt really, truly lonely. For some reason, I immediately closed up. Maybe I just can’t quite remember the last time I have been really, truly sad… I’m so crazy, I could feel immensely depressed then euphoric within seconds. But seriously, since I didn’t wanna revisit all the pains that I’ve had in the past, I’ve decided to post about the one thing that has always kept me together all these years, my beautiful family. They’re half of the reasons why I love summers so much. This is why despite the joys of Ber months and the scent of Christmas wafting in the air, I find myself longing for another lazy summer afternoon in a park with them. I miss all the laughter, the teasing and just that feeling of knowing that no matter where you end up and how things turn out for you, there will always be a place where you’d belong. These photos were taken early last summer @ the Village at San Bernardino, Calabanga in Cam Sur.