Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime Day 4: Ox Tongue

Hurrah for commitment lol I’m obviously enjoying this month’s iPhoneography challenge and the current theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Gives me one helluv an excuse to dine out LOL and of course, post about some blog-worthy local restaurants 🙂 Today we’re having Ox tongue or Lengua. When cooked the right way, it’s absolutely divine! And this one from Sir Lancelot Cafe in Naga City is pretty darn good. For starters, we had Guinevere salad (bet you’ve guessed the restaurant’s theme by now.lol) and their potatoes with chili beef and beans,etc. forgot what it’s called, go so well with the Ox tongue which we ate with steamed rice. I also had my warm cup of tea, perfect meal-ender 🙂

So do i feel weird about letting you know what I ate for lunch every day this week? Umm prolly ^^ But I'm just having so much fun xo

Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 81

Quick! think of a snow haiku ^^ lol I’m not really in the mood.. Just so you know, I don’t have snow ^^ It’s SWELTERING and I’m having ice cream right now. Yumm ^^


Melted caramel
Tipping my small ice cream cup
For that last cool drop.

Frozen blanket pulled
From the earth’s sleepy surface
Flowers rub their eyes.

Yuki no hate (end of snow)

Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

Yup this is a response to a previous prompt. but it fits so well! so I hope it’s still a valid entry. ^^

Well, it’s a pretty easy one and my answer’s pretty damn obvious too! ^^ BOTH. and a whole lot more…

Below are the evidence of me indulging in my other lover… my sordid love affair… with ice cream.






I really meant to post about my fave local ice cream parlor in Naga City, Coldshack. ^^I mean seriously, forget Haagen-Dazs (not that I don’t love ‘em too,lol) but the best ice cream for me are the ones with real fruits.. My favorite flavor of all time is the Nangkasuy (jackfruit and cashew). Boyfie’s fave is the Durian flavored ice cream but I kinda think it’s gross, lol, not for everyone ^^The Korean fish-shaped ice cream sandwich is also yummy… it’s wafer filled with vanilla ice cream and red bean… I’m gaga over desserts with red bean! ^^ Some days, I bring my laptop there and surf away.. some days I just drop by to take home a pint of my fave. It’s also my special bonding place wit my 14 year old cousin. So really, how can I not love this guilty pleasure? ^^

Sigh. All in all, I’d have to say… It’s a bit of a Love-Hate relationship. ^^

Surroundings: Panicuason Hot Spring

would you take a dip in this?

surrounded by this?

the hot, welcoming water felt like heaven on a cold day…

the sound of water gushing ‘gainst the rocks, music to my ears

Below the lush greenery of Mt. Isarog in the Bicol region lies a hidden gem. Warm welcoming fresh spring water to soothe your troubles away… You get plenty of privacy during the cold months, which is by the way, the best season to visit the spring.. It’s a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city and now, they have rooms so vacationers can have a comfy overnight stay. Boyfie and I love going there during October when it starts to get a little chilly but basically we can just hop in the car and go there whenever we like. ^^ I especially love it when we get up around 4 a.m.-ish and it’s raining a little… The coldness in the mountain air and the raindrops and the hot water just overwhelms my senses. A tip though: don’t go there if it’s been raining for several consecutive days since landslides may occur. 🙂

SUNDAY POST : Surroundings

It’s a Wonderful Life! :)

Today’s daily prompt was about the last time you felt really, truly lonely. For some reason, I immediately closed up. Maybe I just can’t quite remember the last time I have been really, truly sad… I’m so crazy, I could feel immensely depressed then euphoric within seconds. But seriously, since I didn’t wanna revisit all the pains that I’ve had in the past, I’ve decided to post about the one thing that has always kept me together all these years, my beautiful family. They’re half of the reasons why I love summers so much. This is why despite the joys of Ber months and the scent of Christmas wafting in the air, I find myself longing for another lazy summer afternoon in a park with them. I miss all the laughter, the teasing and just that feeling of knowing that no matter where you end up and how things turn out for you, there will always be a place where you’d belong. These photos were taken early last summer @ the Village at San Bernardino, Calabanga in Cam Sur.

Summer State of Mind

Cold weather is a bitch and a few days ago, the bitch has kicked my ass and given me the finger. >< So here I am cooped up in my room, trying to recover from the flu; there’s really nothing to do except watch Audrey Hepburn movies (that I’ve watched a million times already but I somehow never get tired of) and old Hollywood black and white movies and musicals which my boyfie absolutely hates. As I listen to the heavy downpour from outside my window, I turn my thoughts to happy days… like summertime with my family. 🙂 One of the most underrated destinations for adventure-seekers is the Daruanak Island in Pasacao. Didn’t I tell you there are plenty of amazing tourist destinations in Cam Sur? ^^ It’s an amazing spot for swimming and snorkeling specially for those who want a little privacy. You can also hike up the mountain. Having said that, Ive never been to the Daruanak Island but only admired it from afar… Well, not that far. You’ll see why..


a view of the daruanak island.. ignore me ^^

the daruanak island from afar

How to get there? Take a bus or a plane from Manila to Naga City. At Naga City Bus Terminal, take a van that will bring you to Pasacao. When you reach town, rent a pump boat that will take you to the Daruanak Island.

*there’s no white sand in Daruanak, mostly just rocks.

xo -kz