Daily Prompt: Mix Tape

Today’s Daily Prompt have need for very few words. My choice of music is a little…well.. mixed. Ready for a short journey through my life? ^^ Happy listening 🙂

here’s my idol ^^ i sang and danced to her songs at a really early age… like in the talent portions of kindergarten and preschool beauty pageants lol

i grew up just lovin’ aerosmith.. i was the only kid in my class who listened to their songs.. sigh.. i’ll always remember that time when the teachers ask one student per day to sing a song in front of everyone… (but they already sang all the Disney songs!) and i’ve only memorized this and Creep by radiohead. can you imagine their faces? ^^

PAUSE. In high school, I did also listen to boy bands. Let’s skip that part and fast forward. I’m writing this down as the DARK AGES.

for every failed relationship…

In College and even after, it was mostly party music. ^^ I got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a goodnight…Down down down…Just get back up when you’re tumblin’ down…Love love love ^^

a song for boyfie…this will never get old. much like my love for you ^^

this song always makes me feel good about life!

and for some reason i always find myself humming to this song in the car when it’s summer and i’m on vacation with my family..

and what would my playlist be without stevie nicks? looking back, i’ve gotten through some really pretty tough times..

and another (pretty cool) blogger crislooknwalk already posted this next vid but hey, i love this song ^^ it’s perfect for me now. so i wanna end my post with this ^^

xo kz

Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.