Friday Fictioneers: 100-words Story Challenge LVII

copyright -Janet Webb

copyright -Janet Webb

Maura was four when she said the darndest thing.

“You’re so much nicer than my old mommy. She tried to eat me.”

She was my baby. Years of trying and finally, God gave her to me.

It got worse when she refused to go to school, crying, kicking and screaming “I don’t want you to die!”

One day, we were buying groceries. The ground trembled and saltwater seeped in from every corner ‘til it hid my knees.

Maura looked at me sadly, “It’s alright, mommy.”

I watched, throat cauterized, as she shed her skin and let the waves take her.



Copyright - Sandra Crook

Copyright – Sandra Crook

I never meant it…

When I said I wanted to be alone…

Yet here I am in the gut of the earth, bounded by time-eaten stones.

I told you.

Though in different words. Like “I can’t go on anymore.” Or “I feel so hopeless.”

Even in bed as you shuddered on top of me… my spasmodic moans laced with stifled pleas. Help me.

If you listened, you would’ve heard how my slippers sighed sadly against stone.

Yet… I was alone…

When I embraced death and it embraced me…

When I sobbed and my head throbbed… and the darkness took me.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

Friday Fictioneers: 100-words Story Challenge LIII

Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

I escaped in a boat steered by faith, until the hostile shore faded into a memory.

I breathed in the ocean’s salty exhalations as if it were the last air on earth.

I longed for the simplicity of the sea…

Actually, I longed for home.

The city spoke in a language that was alien to me.

There, they twisted the world to fit the shapes of their fantasies.

I thought it would be different–brighter, better…

The sky purpled to the color of suffocation.

Distant city lights blinked obscenely like fireflies’ sex calls…

Sick of it, I dove towards liberty.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

PS: OFF THE KUF is an anthology of stories of different genres. it’s non profit, but if you’re looking for exposure, of maybe just for fun, or if you want more readers to read your work or if you wanna direct more people to your blog… whatever, they take previously published drabbles! i submitted one of my old FF stories to them and it’s gonna be featured in the anthology 🙂 they also take longer stories. i know, i know, never write for free.. but come on, they’re just lying around on my blog anyway! if you wanna join god, i knew i forgot something >< but there’s still plenty of time.
deadline: September 30

Ugly Babies: The Anthology

UGLY BABIES: the Anthology available on Amazon and Smashwords

UGLY BABIES: the Anthology available on Amazon and Smashwords

HI GUYS! More awesome news. My 1,000w flash fiction piece will be featured in the first volume of a horror anthology.

Ugly Babies: The Anthology
Edited by Sydney Leigh
Published by James Ward Kirk
Cover Artwork by Stephen Cooney

Watch out for my own dark version of a classic Grimm fairytale.

I joined coz the theme’s just fantastic and the team’s sick with talent! And oh, I believe submissions are still on-going. If you got some seriously creepy artwork or a hair-raising story to share (about babies from infancy to 5 y/o), be sure to check out the Facebook Page There’s a prize for Editor’s Pick and all contributors will earn a free Kindle edition of the anthology. It’s gonna be so much fun! ^^


*update: submissions for vol 1 closed. anthology to be released very soon!! ^^ yey!

i won something. yey! :p

are you a fan of horror stories written in 100 words or less?

well, i joined this contest and my story ended up in this cool anthology 🙂

popcorn horror ebook

POPCORN HORROR PRESENTS 100 WORDS OR LESS HORROR STORIES is a compilation of spooky 100-word shorts from various writers all across the globe featuring illustrations by C.R Murray. Now available on Amazon

it’s the first time that i’ve ever joined a writing competition and it felt pretty good. so good that i needed to share it with you ^^

also i know i’ve been pretty busy lately… you know, life. 🙂 but i’m still here… even when my blogging has suffered a drastic drop to a mere two posts per week.

anyway, i know i need to catch up on my reading and visiting blogs and thanking several people for awards. sigh. i miss all of it & i miss you.

welcome new followers! i didn’t know when i started becoming such a lousy hostess but, welcome, welcome! thank you and please enjoy. 🙂 *hugs*


ribbon (Copy)

Lovely Emelie

Copyright -Claire Fuller

Copyright -Claire Fuller

From the window, I watched the girl who spurned me.

Lovely Emelie… dangling from the tree, swinging from side to side in mocking glee.

My heart fluttered a staccato serenade. Even then, her beauty didn’t fade.

Her white dress billowed in a breeze I couldn’t touch, concealing all that was denied from me.

The mob stirred like a stormy sea.

I watched as they tore her apart… to pieces, like my broken heart.

Witch or not, she put a spell on me- a man of God.

Lovely Emelie… She should’ve loved me…

Foolish girl chose to die on that tree…

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

Birds and Bees

Copyright - Jennifer Pendergast

Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

The stream sang

a wet love song.

Evening blossoms exhaled

into the breeze,

creating fragrances

that felt like muffled laughter…

I remembered

awkward lessons

about the birds and the bees

and shy confessions

of my inexperience

met by a chorus of giggles.

Ice Princess,

they’d tease.

That night,

I lay on the grass,

listening to his skin

hiss against mine…

The moon waxed

and waned

with our breathing.

The coldness within me


like an icicle.

Dawn came

to find us like that,

perfectly entwined

and bathed

in lavender delirium.

For once in my life,

I’m glad I waited.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

Mary, Mary

Copyright -Anelephantcant

Copyright -Anelephantcant

Mary always waved at me as she rattled along on her shiny bicycle.

Mary, Mary, everyone loved Mary…

Quite contrary. Always, I’d hope that she’d fall flat on her face.

Would’ve loved to have that face…

Bicycles are shit. But I would’ve loved one.

Not everyone had doting dads to teach them how to ride a bike, you know…

Everyday she’d pass by, hair streaming behind her like a golden kite.

Come to think of it, I’ve never even flown a kite. But I would’ve loved to.

Was it me? Did I run her over?


Would’ve loved to, though.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

Seeking Immortality

Copyright – Randy Mazie

Copyright – Randy Mazie

Gravestones stood like frozen sentinels, watchful of the unknowns entombed underneath. The goat tethered to the tree gave a nervous bleat as it halted abruptly upon reaching the limit of its rope. That’s how the dead must feel like, he mused, bound to the vicinity of burial as their memories and mortal forms dissolve into dust. It was almost impossible to think, let alone write in the cemetery but everything reminded him of what he didn’t want to become– dead, forgotten… stuck in the hood. With fresh resolve, he concentrated his thoughts on his first novel– his ticket to immortality.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano

Growing Pains

hey guys!

it’s officially 12 midnight here. that means I’m a year older ^^ so before you comment, don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday! 😉 xo

Copyright - David Stewart

Copyright – David Stewart

Growing Pains

The echolalia of ghostly birds faded into a merely remembered rhythm, a phantom of a sound… Sadly, I wondered whether our relationship would suffer the same fate. We’ve let the stubborn vines of juvenile affection grow around each other in such a way that we thought would bind us forever. But as we climbed on that fictional ladder towards our individual dreams, we felt our childhood move away from us like the small town below. We sat on the rooftop to meet the purple dawn, wrapped in each other’s embrace- terrified of the future, excited about college and sad about us.

© 2013 K.Z. Morano