Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime Day 4: Ox Tongue

Hurrah for commitment lol I’m obviously enjoying this month’s iPhoneography challenge and the current theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Gives me one helluv an excuse to dine out LOL and of course, post about some blog-worthy local restaurants 🙂 Today we’re having Ox tongue or Lengua. When cooked the right way, it’s absolutely divine! And this one from Sir Lancelot Cafe in Naga City is pretty darn good. For starters, we had Guinevere salad (bet you’ve guessed the restaurant’s theme by now.lol) and their potatoes with chili beef and beans,etc. forgot what it’s called, go so well with the Ox tongue which we ate with steamed rice. I also had my warm cup of tea, perfect meal-ender 🙂

So do i feel weird about letting you know what I ate for lunch every day this week? Umm prolly ^^ But I'm just having so much fun xo