Ingredients for Green Juice Recipe

As promised in my previous post, I shall be providing you with pictures of the ingredients in my green juice recipe. Previous post and green juice recipe here I just don’t want anybody eating or drinking any toxic plants and dropping dead for making an effort to be healthy. My crazy, barbaric semi-herbivore of a bf eats leaves straight from a tree –gross, I know — why I ever hooked up with him is beyond me, lol. (Nice ass. Oh, ding! ding! ding!) But seriously, safety first, guys! Do a little research on your herbs before dropping them in your juicer or blender. I already told you that there are plenty of different types of horsetail and this is the one that I use for my green juice (sorry about the pics, they’re taken from boyfie’s rather unkempt but very beneficial backyard)


the Other ingredients for the green juice:

saluyot or jute


malunggay or moringa

sweet basil

Thai basil

unknown 1

unknown 2

I told you that we had two unknown leaves in the recipe and that I’ll get back to you on their names but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember! >< We're sure that it's edible and even confirmed it with the owner of our fave vegetarian restaurant. If any of you knows the name these leaves, be a neighbor and share the info. ^^

*guys read my recipe on my other post;remember to put in lemon/lime to remove the bitterness. or maybe add fruits. also, i use coconut water, as stated in my previous post ^^

Daily Prompt: Embrace the Ick – Green Juice Recipe

Veggies. I used to find those green leaves absolutely, terrifyingly icky! *shudder* You’ll never believe this but I completely loathed green vegetables and never ate them up until 3 years ago. Much thanks to my amazing almost-vegetarian boyfriend who actually cared enough to force me to eat the disgusting green stuff. ^^ Yep, my mom happened to be one of those mothers who can’t cook and I pretty much grew up a carnivore – eating takeout and plenty of room service. I always felt like vegetables were there for art or “decoration”. During the time that we lived in a hotel, me and my brother could order anything we wanted without adult supervision and considering the fact that we were kids, our range of food choices wasn’t that broad — ice cream, French fries, bacon, ham, cheeseburgers, potato chips and all the sweets we can stuff our faces with. Thanks to my nanny, we also had the fucked up mentality that “vegetables are for poor people”. Why on earth did she say that to children! It’s a miracle that I didn’t grow up to be a whale and that I don’t have dental problems. However, my immune system is weak – I’m very sensitive and I have plenty of allergies. Now before you start judging my parents let me just point out that they just didn’t know any better. When I started earning my own money, all I ever did was work all day then party all night and drink – then one day I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I’ve lost some of my “youthful glow”. I had to change my lifestyle. It all coincided with my boyfie coming into my life — oh clearly I’m so smitten. ^^ So now, I’m striving to eat healthier and I finally realized that veggies aren’t that bad; they only seemed bland because my taste buds have been so accustomed to the strong flavors of all the unhealthy food I used to eat. Eating healthier is a constant struggle for me but one that I’m definitely winning; don’t get me wrong I still eat meat and I shall forever eat sweets but the point is now I’m ingesting these evil leafy greens and actually loving them. That’s step 1 for me… Step 2 is drinking them.

I used to tell boyfie that I would NEVER drink green juice. It looks like alien vomit. We were always arguing about this… Until I saw this episode of Gossip Girl where Blair asked Dorota for a glass of leafy green juice. Then I thought, OH SO GREEN JUICES ARE HOT THIS SEASON. So I turned to boyfie and declared that I shall have a sip of the revolting drink. I just didn’t count on actually liking it. I found that it’s very energizing and filling and I vowed to have it on a weekly basis. To anyone who’s interested, here’s the recipe. Sorry I don’t have a photo since I drink it straight from my glass jar and I wouldn’t wanna risk turning you off before you even start trying this drink. One of these days, I’ll find way to make it presentable, photograph it then post it here. But for now here are the ingredients:

20 leaves Saluyot or Jute
a handful of Thai basil
a handful of Malunggay or Moringa
2 horsetail (will post a picture later so you’ll know the right kind)
1 big coconut (use the water only)
1 lemon
Mint (add as desired)
*2 local leaves that are yet to be identified
( I promise I’ll get back to you on this one) however, you may also substitute these with other edible greens that you know of, preferably those w/ subtle flavors like lettuce
*when I say HANDFUL I meant a handful of uncompressed leaves, just so we’re clear


Saluyot or Jute contains plenty of anti-aging benefits – my key to no-to-botox-in-20-years plan ^^ It has high antioxidant qualities, particularly Vitamin E. It also contains Vitamin A, which is helpful in cell repair and eyesight improvement. These greens have Vitamin C for good blood circulation and it lowers the risk of eye disorders; add to that the high amounts of calcium for stronger bones and teeth.

Malunggay or Moringa – rich in iron. got anemia? gotta try this.

Horsetail has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. It also serves as a coagulant and a diuretic.

Basil contains very high levels of beta-carotene, vitamin A and lutein which contributes to good eyesight. It is an excellent source of iron and it also has Vitamin K which is an essential for blood coagulation and plays a important role in the bone mineralization process.

Coconut Water
– apart from the fact that it replenishes and rehydrates the body, coconut water contains good amounts of electrolyte potassium which is an important component of cell and body fluids; it aids in controlling the heart rate and blood pressure. This also removes the bitterness from the leaves.

has been known to stimulate digestion and relieves gas and menstrual spasms. However, it is not advisable for nursing mothers as it can decrease milk output. Personally, I add mint to the green juice coz it makes it more tolerable, leaving a refreshing sensation in your mouth.

serves as a blood purifier and also a good cleansing agent for the stomach; it also boosts immunity. However, the main reason I add lemon is for the taste; it simply makes the green juice more drinkable for me; it removes much of the “unpleasant” smell too. It also lengthens the shelf life.

** make sure you do some research first before ingesting raw leaves. ^^

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