Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 56 and FTLOH 22


A bundle of joy
Dangling from the stork’s firm beak
Their home is complete.

Stork visits often
In destitute villages
Hungry mouths to feed.

Stork dropped by early
A blessing no matter what
She kept her baby.

Lonely old couple
Stopped waiting by the window
Still no stork in sight.

The photo prompt at AllAboutLemon and the word for the day: Stork at Carpe Diem had me thinking about children

This is a scheduled post for exactly 6 am… of course, i’m still snoozing by then. catch u later ^^

For The Love Of Haiku 21


Just a series of playful 5-7-5’s ^^

Alone and stranded
In a jungle full of men
Tropical orgy .

Jungle nights are cold
Even for mighty Tarzan
Brokeback rainforest.

Hot verdant jungle
Men in loincloth prance about
Old maid’s fantasies.

Strip club’s jungle theme
Fleeing from their empty beds
Ladies drop their tongues.

Written for AllAboutLemon
I challenge you to write a haiku about the photo above ^^

FTLOH 20 and Carpe Diem 42


Remember the time
When happy thoughts were enough
And magic was real?

Did you ever mourn
The day you left Never land
So you could grow up?

‘Tis a lovely thing
To see the world through their eyes
With wonder and awe.

Not so long ago
When dreams were a wish away
I long for such days.

Rose-tinted glasses
I never stopped believing
In happy endings.

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Carpe Diem Word for today: Children