Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Reds and Greens

This week our challenge is to show off a few photographs of Reds and Greens. As tempting as it was, I tried to stay away from anything Christmas-y ^^ Here’s my random collection ^^

Greens and Reds from my jewelry box



green or red? emeralds or rubies, which do you prefer? ^^ they’re my hassle-free gift idea for loved ones this season. it’s brilliant coz they can have it made into any kind of jewelry that they want! ^^ my grandma will be thrilled! ^^

Nature’s Reds and Greens


red roses are my favorite flowers… ^^


Reds and Greens as I prepare dinner… ^^

Lastly, some electrifying Reds and Greens from the deep


the Dancing sea fairies at the manila ocean park… more photos of the jellyfish here and here

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