Blog Candy!

Awww I love candy! ^^

Thank you Matt for the ABC – Awesome Blog Content Award and Scott for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award


For this award, you have to come up with a word for each letter of the alphabet and write about something relevant to you. So here’s my A-Z of words that describe or mean something to me ^^

Art – coz i like being surrounded by beauty
Blogging – a new word in my life that i’ve come to love
Chocolate – coz i’m addicted to it
Dance – coz why on earth not?
Epicurean – coz i may not know a lot of things but i sure know how to live πŸ˜‰
Fashion – coz i breathe for it
Gastronomic pursuits – i love food & cooking, discovering new places and recipes
Hell-kite – coz i’m a fierce fighter ^^ lol
Intelligent conversation – what i’ve always looked for (&finally found) in a relationship.
Joyrides – i like riding to well, nowhere… ^^ i just sometimes like the car to run and run and keep going
Kisses – coz who the hell doesn’t want them?
Lingerie – coz i collect them
Massage – i like going to the spa.. and i’m also trained and certified
Nail art – i’m really vain when it comes to my nails ^^
Originality – without it, i’m nothing
Pink – my color! ^^
Quirky – coz i adore eccentricity
Reading – my favorite pastime
Sea, sun and sand – where i’m most at home ^^
Tea – coz everything’s better after a cup of tea
Unique people, places, animals and things – wherever you may be, the world’s a wondrous place
Vodka – specially blueberry
Writing – something that has brought me much happiness
Xenodocheionology – I just love hotels! and my family’s in that business:)
Youth – coz i worry about getting old… women in my fam’ly usually age gracefully but i just don’t know about me. 😦 so yeah.. but i’m still in my 20’s so i’ll try not to think too much about it ^^
Zingers – coz i can hurl insults faster than my enemy can blink ^^ lol seriously, i can be a real bee-yotch at times but i can say, i am most certainly less of a bitch now than when i was still in school. i think, growing up does that. πŸ™‚ and i’m glad that now, through writing and blogging, my words have actually become a source of joy and entertainment to others.. πŸ™‚


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I know not everyone participates in blog awards and we’re all busy.. but hey, no pressure ^^ Take your time. To pass this on to fellow bloggers or not is completely your choice and even if you don’t, it’s a pleasure mentioning your blog names here anyway. I really enjoy your posts a lot ^^ Keep blogging!