Thank you, Joelle!

Thank you, Joelle Foong for volunteering to join the Blog Blast for 100 Nightmares

Joelle dedicated a lovely haiku to me and you should all check it out! 🙂

Joelle Foong likes expressing herself through photographs and haiku. Most of her haiku are inspired by nature. Like me, she likes to follow the 5-7-5 when writing. 🙂 I know that takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Seeing her blog made me miss writing for Carpe Diem daily.

She also has another blog where she posts photographs that capture the beauty of Japan and other places in Asia. I remember her posts from the weekly photo challenges.

Thank you again, Joelle. 🙂

Thank you, Riya!

Thank you, Riya, for volunteering to join the Blog Blast for 100 Nightmares. 🙂

Read her posts here and here

Riya Anne Polcastro writes fiction that is raw, gritty, dark and edgy.
Every week, I enjoy reading her thrilling action-packed series for Friday Fictioneers.

visit her blog site and be awed by her take no prisoners writing.

Riya also runs a literary magazine called Serrated Roses.
Serrated Roses is currently open for submissions. They want edgy words and original artwork from up and coming artists.

Check out the site here to read their Necromancy issue/ to send in your submissions. Prose, poetry, art… show them what you got. The theme for the next issue is GRIT.

More exciting news: Riya is currently working on a book! Watch out for it later this year. 🙂

Thank you, Oloriel!

Thank you, Oloriel, for joining the Blog Blast for 100 Nightmares.

Read her post here

According to Oloriel (I love her name!), she’s a dreamer. And that’s one thing that we have in common 🙂

I’ve discovered her blog just recently and I have to say I’m mesmerized. She writes beautiful poetry.

Oloriel, I’m sorry that I didn’t stop to like any of the posts, but it was so easy to just scroll down and keep reading! 🙂 🙂

Check out her blog:

Oloriel also runs a magazine called The Tophat Raven, which strives to combine the beauty of the written word and visual art. Inside each issue, you’ll find a diverse compilation of prose, poetry, photography and art that blurs the boundaries between modern and traditional.

Visit the site here:

They’re open for submissions all year round. I personally can’t wait to pick up the Fantasy issue which will be released this March! 🙂

Thank you, Ese!

Thank you, Ese, for offering to join the blog blast for 100 Nightmares 🙂

Read her post here

Ese Kļava is among the first wonderful friends that I had the pleasure of meeting through this blog.
I’ve always thought of Ese as the beautiful and mysterious poetess.
Her writing always has touches of sensuality which is so natural and effortless.

Visit her at where she writes haiku and haibun.

You’ll love her blog because Ese is very prolific! I go to her page weekly for her photography. She joins a lot of photo challenges and also hosts her own– Ese’s Weekly Shoot&Quote Challenge.

More awesome news! Ese will be releasing a book soon.


Coming out soon, Butterfly Thy Name is an odyssey of discovery and fulfillment. A deeply personal story, the book is an erotic quest for aesthetic pleasure, in a story that will touch readers in quite unique ways, as they read about Ese’s adventures, breaking sensual taboos in a journey that takes her from her native Latvia to France, Bahrain, India and South America for deep intimacy and desire.

Ooohh… Intriguing. Definitely my kind of book. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one! I’m sure this is going to be hot! 🙂 🙂

Teaser! Discover the stories behind these images…

…in my upcoming story collection, 100 Nightmares




Illustrations by Margate Eltagle
Margate’s art has appeared in various local books.
She’s one of the four artists who are contributing to make this illustrated ebook happen! 🙂 Thank you, Margate.

Join the blog blast for 100 Nightmares cover reveal 🙂 more info on the blog blast here
LIKE 100 Nightmares Facebook page here to get updates on the book. It’s also where I share the illustrations from various artists.

Thank you, Björn!

Thank you, Björn, for offering to help in the Cover Reveal Blog Blast for my upcoming book 100 Nightmares.

Read his blog post here with his deliciously dark poem—a perfectly chilling introduction.

Sometimes his words are like gentle fingers caressing your cheek…
Sometimes, a mammoth fist crushing your soul.

Björn Rudberg is a poet extraordinaire.
He may be a physicist by education, but the man is a wordsmith at heart.

I remember when I still had plenty of time to write daily haiku for Carpe Diem… That was when I truly became a fan of Björn’s writing. Like me, English is not his first language (his first language is Swedish) but my god, sometimes my mouth just drops at the unbearable beauty of his words! A proof of what a gifted writer he is. Even in his Friday Fictioneers stories, Björn has this ability to make sorrow seem beautiful and the darkness seem desirable.

He mentioned in passing that he intends to do a book this year! Well, I can’t wait to get more details on this one. I’m sure that it’s going to be brilliant.

Björn is also one of the curators at D’verse. D’verse Poets Pub is where writers gather to celebrate poetry. It’s a home for poets—a place to learn and explore the various forms, to receive helpful critique, to support each other and to grow.

Visit his blog at

Thank you, Adam!

Just a while ago, Adam Ickes made a blog post about the cover reveal of my upcoming book 100 Nightmares. He was actually the first person to e-mail me when I told everyone that I am running a blog blast. Thank you, Adam, I appreciate the support.

Read the post here

Adam Ickes is the author of Socks and Zombie Tree. This month, Adam released his latest book: ‘100 tiny tales of terror’. Now available on Amazon and Createspace


100 stories.
100 words each.
Tiny snippets of terror for your consumption.
Take them in one at a time and savor the twisted flavor of death and destruction, or devour them all in one sitting–a nonstop feast of terrifying creatures and horrible happenings. The choice is yours, as will be the fear.
You may want to sleep with the light on.

I already have a copy and it’s currently on my to-read list!

Adam and I have two things in common– Friday Fictioneers and our love for the horror genre. A writer with a twisted imagination, the themes of his stories range from creepy-creatures-under-the-bed horror to stories of characters with seriously damaged psyches.

Drawing and sculpting are also among Adam’s many artistic talents.
Check out his blog at where he writes fiction and hosts a writing prompt– Six on the Sixth.


what's the tale behind this image? find out in one of my stories in 100 Nightmares

what’s the tale behind this image? find out in one of my stories in 100 Nightmares

Hi everyone! I’m releasing my very first horror story collection this April and I’m seriously psyched. It consists of 100 stories written in exactly 100 words, accompanied by a few illustrations.

I’ll be needing volunteers for the cover reveal. The book cover is finally done and it’s oh so brilliant!

If you like my writing, help me spread the word by joining my Blog Blast. It’s a self-published effort so I’m going to need all the help I can get.

Send me an email

I’ll send you the cover and a description of my book so you can post it on your blog whenever you’re free. In exchange, I’d give you my soul but you probably don’t want the filthy little thing so I’ll just feature you on my blog and thank you from the bottom of my wicked heart.

It doesn’t matter to me if you have 10,000 followers or 1,000 or 100. Or if you have a writing blog or a photography blog or a blog like mine (which is basically about anything under the sun). 🙂 Any form of help will be appreciated.

K.Z. 🙂

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Spring Finally Came

Thank you so much to everyone who liked my FB page for 100 Nightmares
Now I need to ask you guys for a favor.
I’d like to run a Blog Blast for the cover reveal of my new story collection.
Help me spread the disease word.
I’d give you my soul in exchange but it’s so filthy, you probably don’t want anything to do with it.
Please email me at to let me know if you’re in.
I’ll send you a preview of the book cover and the description.
Thanks so much in advance for your support 🙂 -K.Z.

copyright – Adam Ickes

copyright – Adam Ickes

Spring finally came…

I toiled in acres of buried bodies and the breeze babbled with our parents’ timorous voices.

Like everyone else, I murdered mine.

Mother’s eyes reflected the hunger that I felt…

So I shattered the mirror that was her face.

Her screams were like breaking glass– fragmented, crystalline.

The village was cursed with cold barrenness but because of our sacrifices, the earth became fertile once again.

It bore new a new kind of fruit.

The fleshy pink contours inside the crustaceous covering resembled our elders’ faces.

We ate… but the fruit left a bitter taste in our mouths…

What’s the story behind this image?

Copy of CCI02172014_00000

Find out in my upcoming story collection, “100 Nightmares”

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I’ll be revealing the kick ass cover very soon! 🙂

xo K.Z.

PS send me a link to your page too!:)