Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

The theme for Weekly Photo Challenge is great coz it’s been a while since I posted about food or restaurants. ^^ Yup, I happen to be one of those people who sometimes takes photos of their food before even touching it 🙂 lol When I’m at home, I try to eat only grass-fed beef but when dining out, it’s really not that easy. ^^ Here’s what I’d always call a “once-in-a-while” thing ^^

RACKS can be found at GF Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia

Of course, lunch won’t be complete without dessert. ^^ Also at the ground floor of MOA, you’ll find this cool kiosk that sells Japanese Mochi. They’re really yummy! I had the red bean mochi which is my fave and boyfie had durian flavored mochi -ewww…I’m not a fan of durian but he likes it ><

Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 81

Quick! think of a snow haiku ^^ lol I’m not really in the mood.. Just so you know, I don’t have snow ^^ It’s SWELTERING and I’m having ice cream right now. Yumm ^^


Melted caramel
Tipping my small ice cream cup
For that last cool drop.

Frozen blanket pulled
From the earth’s sleepy surface
Flowers rub their eyes.

Yuki no hate (end of snow)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

surprise parties are soooo my thing!! and for me, a surprise just ain’t a surprise without CAKE! ^^

for my uncle who's a HUGE Lakers/ Kobe fan ^^

for my uncle who’s a HUGE Lakers/ Kobe fan ^^

from me to boyfie on our 7th monthsary ^^

from me to boyfie on our 7th monthsary ^^

from me to boyfie... just because..

from me to boyfie… just because..


from boyfie to me.. for my b-day this year ^^

malteser cake from boyfie to me.. for my b-day this year ^^


surprise farewell party for loved ones

surprise farewell party for loved ones


more SURPRISES here ^^

Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

Yup this is a response to a previous prompt. but it fits so well! so I hope it’s still a valid entry. ^^

Well, it’s a pretty easy one and my answer’s pretty damn obvious too! ^^ BOTH. and a whole lot more…

Below are the evidence of me indulging in my other lover… my sordid love affair… with ice cream.






I really meant to post about my fave local ice cream parlor in Naga City, Coldshack. ^^I mean seriously, forget Haagen-Dazs (not that I don’t love ‘em too,lol) but the best ice cream for me are the ones with real fruits.. My favorite flavor of all time is the Nangkasuy (jackfruit and cashew). Boyfie’s fave is the Durian flavored ice cream but I kinda think it’s gross, lol, not for everyone ^^The Korean fish-shaped ice cream sandwich is also yummy… it’s wafer filled with vanilla ice cream and red bean… I’m gaga over desserts with red bean! ^^ Some days, I bring my laptop there and surf away.. some days I just drop by to take home a pint of my fave. It’s also my special bonding place wit my 14 year old cousin. So really, how can I not love this guilty pleasure? ^^

Sigh. All in all, I’d have to say… It’s a bit of a Love-Hate relationship. ^^

Cupcakes by Sonja : Where to get cupcakes in Manila

I miss making a post that’s not for a challenge or prompt! So I’ve decided to make a quick one. At the end of a stressful day, nothing picks me up like good cupcakes — along with chocolate, ice cream and macarons, they’re the addictions that I just can’t seem to kick. ^^ It’s not such a bad thing though to reward yourself every once in a while… ^^ If you ever find yourself in Manila and craving good cupcakes, I suggest you check out Cupcakes by Sonja in Serendra Piaza, Taguig. It’s where I ran off to after taking my recent Japanese exam in DLSU. ^^ and what comfort the pretty little things gave me ^^ Their store, with its vintage theme, is very charming too. ^^ My favorites are Berries and Cream, Red Velvet Vixen and Bunny Hugger Carrot Cupcake. ^^


Pistachio Berries and Cream- brown butter pistachio cupcake topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream icing

my favorites on display -- red velvet vixen and bunny hugger carrot cupcake

my favorites on display — red velvet vixen and bunny hugger carrot cupcake

Red Velvet Vixen – traditional southern red velvet cupcake made with belgian cocoa and topped with cream cheese icing
Bunny Hugger Carrot Cupcake – very moist classic carrot cupcake spiced with cinnamon and covered with cream cheese icing

Obviously, I’m crazy about cream cheese frosting! ^^

so good, you just can't help but take home a couple ^^

so good, you just can’t help but take home a couple ^^

I’m not affiliated with them! lol be sure to check out their website though coz it’s soooo cute ^^ like, one of the cutest I’ve ever seen. ^^ cupcakesbysonja.com warning: the site plays a really jolly supersweet tune ^^

see my other cupcake posts here and here

All Wrapped Up: Crepes

Time to post about something that’s not for a daily prompt or weekly challenge. ^^ Believe it or not, I realized that I have something in common with crepes… We’re both yummy Sometimes we’re hot. Sometimes we’re cold. ^^

HOT – Baby Back Crepe

Ice Cream , Chocolate Hot Fudge Brownie.. sorry it melted 😦

oh they also have shelves and shelves of books..mostly about food and cooking. nice place. you can bring your laptop ‘ere too and blog away over some Lavazza.

xo- kz

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Korean ice cream

A foreign themed photo challenge and as usual, I chose to post a hasty snapshot of dessert. ^^ A freezer-ful of Korean Ice Cream from a Korean store in Naga City. Even the store itself is pretty foreign to me. I don’t read Korean so I don’t have a damn clue on what any of the labels say but not even language barrier is going to come between me and my first love — ice cream. ^^

Sweet Tooth! my Munchbites / Munchkins


my comfort food when it’s “that time of the month” 🙂 sorry gentlemen! no, im not 🙂 i had my first taste of this addictive ‘zert through my brother’s gf, cathy. she brought some from a bake sale in Ateneo de Naga University. the moment i sank my teeth into the soft adorable marshmallow-stuffed, coconut-covered little ball, i knew i had to get my ass down to that school. so boyfie and i drove there and i bought every last one then stored them in a jar on my desk. lol i knew the recipe had to be pretty easy so i looked it up online and stumbled upon a blog. i then realized that when it comes to munchbites, it’s better to make your own since it involves plenty of rolling between the baker’s palms ^^ the stuff is made from a mixture of chocolate and honey flavored crushed graham crackers, condensed milk and mini marshmallows for the filling… just be sure to pour the milk gradually on the mixture until you achieve the right texture.(too dry needs more milk; too sticky needs more crackers) then get a small patch, place the mallow in the middle then roll in your palms to make a ball. then coat in dessicated coconut.don’t scrimp as the coconuts tend to fall off ^^ sounds pretty simple huh? chill or bake, it’s your choice. i personally prefer baking them for a couple of minutes in a small oven toaster; that way, the marshmallows would melt. yum ^^

*don’t over bake, though, coz the melted mallows might seep out from the crust. another tip, don’t use too much crushed graham for a ball coz that’ll result to a kinda thick and hard munchkin

xo- kz