Dark Fairy Tales Revisited

Today (April 28th) is the release day of Dark Fairy Tales Revisited!


Join a host of authors on a trip down the rabbit hole. These are fairy tales as they were meant to be read, with one eye open and through gaps in your own trembling hands, as you try desperately to convince yourself that there will be a happy ending by the bottom of the page… but there won’t be… We have classic stories reimagined, new ones that bend and twist the senses, and variations on a theme that will send you on a nightmare trip to wonderland in no time at all.

My story in this anthology is “The Fairest” by K.Z. Morano — obviously a dark re-telling of the classic, Snow White. 🙂

Grab a copy from Lulu.com or Amazon.com

Thank you.


a shout-out to horror author Gary Murphy

Inside my upcoming book, 100 Nightmares, is a blurb by horror author Gary Murphy.

Gary Murphy is a nerd who was trained in ancient martial arts by Bruce Lee’s training partner. I’m not BS-ing! (That must’ve been a looong time ago, though. 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

He’s been published in so many horror anthologies and magazines that I simply gave up counting. We share a few anthologies such as Bones II, the recently released Memento Mori by JWK Fiction, and the upcoming Dark Fairy Tales Revisited by Horrified Press.

He is the author of numerous books including Hellish Redcap and the recently published Blood Red Putin and Other Zombie Tales.

Murph, as I like to call him, is based in the UK. He sometimes writes under the name GK Murphy.

He’s actually one of the very few people that I chat with at FB.
You see, a few months ago, in my quest to ‘find my genre’, I started writing horror stories. He was one of the few writers who welcomed me and encouraged me.

That means a lot to a newbie.

“Develop your own voice, that’s my best advice. People will inevitably admit if you’re original…”

Thank you for those words, Murph. 🙂 (and for saying it in a totally non-condescending way ^^)

When I joked about creating my own story collection, he cheered me on.
It felt wonderful to receive words of encouragement from a very prolific author. I see his stories getting published in several different places week after week and I find that to be very inspiring. I also appreciate that he’s not selfish with his talents or his wisdom.

When I asked him how he does it, his answer was simple:
“It’s just sitting down each day, having a long think, and then transferring it onto the screen. Dedication and lots of inspired thought.”

The reason why we ended up chatting a little, I guess, is because we’re both introverts. Once, he mentioned: “I just want a quiet life, but some success.”

But while the man is unquestionably a mean writing machine, I think he might need a little help in promoting his stuff. 🙂

Gary Murphy’s recent books are available on Amazon and Lulu 🙂 If you like the horror genre, you might wanna check these out. 😉 xo

P.S. Not familiar with Lulu? (coz a few days ago, I wasn’t.lol) I’ve discovered that Lulu is a great platform/ place to purchase ebooks. You can read the epub version of the book on your computer. Just create an account in very easy steps and make sure you have an epub reader installed. Another plus is that readers have the option of purchasing via PayPal. Just sayin.