Carpe Diem: Daily Haiku 102 : Chocolate Hills

This kinda came to me at the last though I prolly shoud’ve suggested this to Kristjaan for a separate prompt. The Chocolate Hills is a geological formation in Bohol, Philippines. The vast spread of almost-symmetrical mound shaped hills are covered in green grass that turns brown, like chocolate, during the dry season, hence the name.


These majestic wonders of nature consist of Late Pliocene to Early Pleistocene, thin to medium bedded, sandy to rubbly marine lime stones with abundant fossils of shallow marine foraminifera, coral, mollusks, and algae. They were created by a combination of the dissolution of limestone by rainfall, surface water, and groundwater, and their subaerial erosion by rivers and streams after they had been uplifted above sea level and fractured by tectonic processes.

earth and sea makes love
from fiery undulations
majesty was born

Legend has it that two battling giants once hurled rocks, boulders, and sand at each other. (From the story I heard as a kid, it was actually cacao that the giants threw at each other). The fighting lasted for days, and exhausted them to the point that they simply decided to kiss and make up. But they kinda forgot to clean up the mess they had made during their fight, hence the lovely Chocolate Hills were formed. This is just one of many many stories. The others range from romantic to gross (like the one about the hills being the result of a gigantic Carabao’s poo) ^^

even clumsy hands
when fueled with strong passion
can create greatness

nature’s elements
thrown in a flight of whimsy
to conceive beauty