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Bad Neighborhood – an extreme horror anthology

“It’s a little too extreme for our tastes…”
For writers of Splatter Horror getting stuff like this from editors can be really depressing. I’m a fan of extreme horror myself. I love reading the works of Jack Ketchum, Clive Barker, Poppy Z. Brite, Edward Lee, Joe Lansdale… I’m not turned off by gore, as long as it’s done right. This is why I got really excited when I saw the open call for a Splatterpunk anthology by editor and blogger, Fox Emm. A reprint of my story, “Hitchhiker” will be appearing in this collection.

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Bad Neighborhood by Spooky Words Press is a themed anthology for extreme horror fans. In this chilling horror collection, 29 writers and poets have come together to share tales of the grotesque, the supernatural, and more. Their words will pluck you from your comfort zone and leave you for dead, or worse. Have you ever considered where evil bides its time when it’s not outside your door? What disturbing locale could make it feel safe? We’ve all heard that home is where the heart is, but alas, that heart is sometimes racing… We hope you live in a good neighborhood.

Release Date: Early December, 2015

Contributing Writers/Poets/Artists:

Richard Ayre
Louisa Bacio
Charlotte Baker
Rudy Barrett
Roger Beckett
Charles Coffman
John L. Davis IV
Fox Emm
Lance Graves
Kathryn M. Hearst
LinnieSarah Helpern
Matthew J. Hockey
Adam S. House
Neil Hudson
Mac Jones
Ariel Klontz
John McGuiggan
Malachy Mcdermott
Jonathan Moeller
K.Z. Morano
Lori Myers
Rachel Nussbaum
Matthew O’Leary
Riley J. Pierce
Benjamin Sperduto
Luke Schamer
L.B. Shimaira
Sharon Twizell
Donald Jacob Uitflug
Hugh Warren
Jenna Weaver

K.Z. ❤