Epically Awesome Awards of Epic Awesomeness

Do blog awards matter?

Does receiving them mean that your blog has the most followers? Or that it gets the most views? Or that your posts have the best content? Nope, not really. Blog awards aren’t symbols of popularity, neither are they testimonies of quality content.

So, do blog awards matter?

Abso-fucking-lutely ^^

Well… to some of us at least ^^ They matter coz they’re tokens of appreciation… symbols of gratitude and expressions of love. Answering the questions, making a post can surely be a tedious task but that’s what makes it special I guess… coz the people who gave them to me took the time and effort to create a post just to send the love my way. ^^ In the blogosphere I think they’re like the equivalent of flowers. You know, when someone sends you a bouquet of roses not coz it’s Valentine’s day or coz it’s your birthday but “just because” they thought about you. Out of the gazillion bazillion blogs out there, you thought of mine. So thank you 🙂

As for my nominees, to post about the blog award or not is completely up to you ^^ I know some of the bloggers I’ve nominated don’t usually participate in awards but I couldn’t help it. What can I say, your blog just happens to be epically awesome ^^


Thanks MissFourEyes for the Epically Awesome Blog Award of Epic Awesomeness

I’m supposed to tell 10 epic and/or awesome facts about myself. Here goes…

1) I love my boyfriend coz he thinks I’m a freakin’ genius 99.9 % of the time!! Other guys’ll prolly just think I’m crazy ^^
2) Boyfie prolly feels the same way about me. 🙂
3) When I was a kid, I dialed 666 so I could speak with the devil. The line was busy of course.
4) I don’t use credit cards. And prolly never will. I don’t believe they’re convenient at all.
5) I stopped wearing headbands when Blair Waldorf stopped wearing them.
6) I love cooking and the last meal I prepared was beef shawarma, for lunch today ^^ yum
7) I’m always late for dates (not work-related ones). It’s not that I wear a lot of cosmetics or anything, it’s just that I tend to bathe and dress at a very languorous pace
8) I spent a great deal of my childhood living in a hotel, where my brother and I would wander off as far as 4 floors above and peek into newlyweds’ rooms and they’d be like ‘awwww cuties!’ but we would never ever set foot in their rooms even if they have candy or whatever. We were pretty smart and suspicious kids. ^^
9) Even at an early age, I knew what those newlyweds just did. lol *shrugs*

And finally an epic fact, (because apparently we’re obliged to share some dirty secrets. lol)

10) An embarrassing moment: When I was 14, and vacationing at my uncle’s in San Francisco, it was early morning and I was still asleep when my grandma crept inside my room so she could pray the rosary there. (coz the window there’s huge and facing the sunrise or something) And then, my blanket fell off. I was half-awake, mortified, and too stunned to move. So I just kinda pretended to be still asleep ‘til my grandma, prolly cos peaceful prayer was made impossible by the epically awesome view of my naked adolescent body, went over to pick up the blanket and covered me up. harhar I was a teenager so ugh, that was the most awkward part of it all. ><

Epically Awesome Blogs of Epic Awesomeness

Eric M. Vogt – who I wanted to nominate for the first cup too but saw that he already has it ^^

High Five and Raspberries

The Sophomore Slump

This Man’s Journey


Alison and Don

Unfamous Diary of Pulubing Turista


Carolyn Page

Paris en photographies


Thanks High Five and Raspberries for The First Cup Award

“Choose three (3) bloggers’ artistic works that could make you stop and ponder even if you’ve only finished your first cup of coffee, tea, juicer, alcohol or other beverage you normally partake of first thing in the morn”

There were great writers to choose from and I ultimately ended up with these epic three:

Rick Mallery


Coffee With Yer Buccaneer


Thanks Bee for the Awesome Blog Content Award

*for this award, make a list of awesome A-Z facts about yourself ^^ my A-Z here

I’d like to share this award with the following bloggers:

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Wife




Thanks AvA_Martini for the Versatile Blogger Award
and I’d like to share this award with the following bloggers:


My Sweetpainteddreams

Conceiving Wynell


Thanks April for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and I’d like to share this award with the following fabulous ladies:












I’d like to grab this opportunity to welcome some new blog followers. Seriously, thank you. 🙂

I’d also like to thank Bee for giving me the Liebster Blog Award ^^ which I’m willing to share with any new blogger (who’s been blogging for only two months or less) in my community ^^ Just be sure to link back so I could acknowledge you in this post^^

Whew! haha Again, thank you guys for showing me an epically awesome time during the past few months. ^^

xoxo – KZ


Blog Bling!

Awww… You’re spoiling me, I swear. Showering me with all this shining, shimmering, splendid bling! ^^ Oh but I love it! My aunt used to say a girl can never have too many diamonds and I guess it’s the same thing with blogs and blog awards ^^

So I’d like to thank Liveblissful for sharing with me The Illuminating Blogger Award and the Kreativ Blogger Award . You have to check out her blog! Her recipes are healthy and mouth-watering. You won’t regret visiting, I promise! ^^

I’d like to thank also Human Triumphant for sharing with me the Liebster Blue Ribbon. I feel honored to be presented with an award by this wonderful writer whose great personality equals her talent. ^^ Be sure to drop by her blog.

*Share a few words about yourself and pass on the award to at least 5 other bloggers*

I know not everyone participates in blog awards and as you’ve noticed, I’m pretty lax when it comes to the rules ^^ My main objective, really, is to find a way to mention and thank some of the bloggers that I greatly admire and express how much I enjoy their blogs. So there’s absolutely no obligation when it comes to these awards, to join or not to join is completely up to you. ^^

light bulb concept

The Illuminating Blogger Award

My Nominees:

Sunshine – aside from her fine writing, her sunny attitude brings a smile to my face and I’m sure, a lot of other bloggers can say the same ^^

kindredspirit – a great writer who weaves fine fiction that I always look forward to

Marisa D. Lyon – music, photography, writing, this is a beautiful blog

Human Triumphant – a lot of love in this blog.. and fiction, and haiku and great photos too!

bob’s wife – always a pleasure viewing her take on photo challenges that we both join in


Kreativ Blogger Award

My Nominees:

LeDrake – I always love Drake’s unique philosophical take on weekly photo prompts, always surprises me

A 19 Planets Art Blog – coz his etegami rocks ^^

Chronicles of Illusions – like me, enjoys joining weekly photo prompts and her entries are always so amazing

sph3re – you have got to check out this guy’s photography! there’s always something interesting^^

Moondustwriter – a fabulous writer and I really admire how she combines her wonderful images with well-written haiku


Liebster Blue Ribbon

This award is given to up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers. It’s with great pride and happiness to say that in my less than five months of blogging, I’ve surpassed that number of followers ^^ It just feels so awesome having people who actually give a damn about my what I write and post about. lol ^^ The reason for this award and the 11′s rule is to build community with fellow bloggers. Chain-letter-ish true, but isn’t it great to meet new people, to discover new blogs and get to know a few facts about the people behind these blogs? ^^

I’m not sure who among those in my blogging community have less than 200 followers and I’m pretty sure a lot of bloggers have this award already. It hasn’t been long since I was a newbie blogger myself so as a way of welcoming fellow new bloggers, I offer this award to the newbies in my community. You can grab this lovely blue ribbon, display it on your page and spread the love. ^^ Just be sure to link back so I can congratulate you.

*Here’s the deal, simply make a post, answer the 11 questions I made for you and come up with 11 new questions to ask your 11 nominees* ^^

These were the questions from Jody and since I’m lazy they’re all so good, I’d like to use this set of questions as well ^^

1. In less than 15 words (which means no more than 14, btw), why do you blog?

Because it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy. lol

2. What’s your No. 1 pick of your own set of posts that you’d MOST want to share with the entire world (which means more than just your Great Aunt Sally)? (Throw us a link in please.)

Christiana and the Key – it’s my current favorite. One post leads you to another and there’s a fresh episode every week, well, almost ^^ I wanna share it with everyone coz it’s my first time to write a series of long stories and it feels fantastic.

3. Are you more often a “Liker” or a “Commenter” on blog sites? Why do you think that is?

It depends. In posts that feature photos, I usually hit the “Like” button but in short stories and haiku written by my fellow writers, I try my best to comment and give constructive criticism and yes, destructive praise, when deserved lol I think it’s just all a matter of time. If I had more time, of course, I’d try to drop a comment on everyone’s posts but that’s like, really impossible ^^ So umm forgive me if I mutter words like “awesome” and “wow” but I don’t get to typing them down…

4. You’ve been granted the opportunity to meet anyone who has ever existed. Who would that be TODAY (because I understand that you might be in a different mood tomorrow) and why?

Today, it’s Sidney Sheldon. Coz the man’s a master storyteller.

5. What’s your favorite time of day and why?

Dusk – I’m just really a night person. I’m an insomniac and my energy level peaks at night.

6. What do you believe the most interesting/unique thing is about yourself? (You’re allowed to cheat by asking someone, if you don’t know!)

Mmmmnn … Someone told me that I’m always angry, that I’m always crying, that I’m always laughing… Whatever it is, I’m always something, and never nothing and it’s a good thing. *shrugs* Made sense to me ^^

7. How do gargoyles on buildings strike you? (Please don’t say by falling on your head – I’m actually after your feelings on this one!)

Ummm by falling on my head? Lol Interesting question. I happen to like gargoyles. It’s like, they’re there to guard the building or something ^^ I daresay I feel a lot safer with them around.

8. If you were out of staples with no promise of future access to refill, would you use your stapler for anything? (Please expound beyond yes or no.)

What are you talking about, there’s a convenience store down the street, of course they sell staples! I simply refuse to not have any promise of future access to refill. Though, to be honest, I rarely even use staplers ^^

9. If you could be the very best at something, but everyone would despise you; or mediocre at something and everyone love you – which would you choose? (Again, a little explanation is always a gracious addition.)

The first one. Who gives a flying f* what everyone thinks, lol ^^ It’s great to have an audience but it’s better if you know with all confidence that you damn well deserve the applause. So, yes, definitely the first one.

10. What burning desire have you yet to accomplish?

Ummm to eat healthier.

11. How do you intend to fulfill your dream in #10?

Baby steps… I mean I’m there but I just want it to be more .. extreme. ^^ We’re talking health after all. 🙂 Which reminds me, it’s been a while since I’ve made a post for healthy recipe 😦 need to make one soon


*A Pirate Moment*



I took me the hour to scribe ’bout ’tis award.
’tis be really special because it came from Th’ Admirabl Pirate.
He dont usually participate in awards but he decided to thank some ‘o his buckos ‘n well, I be proud ‘n deeply honored to be one ‘o them.
Thar be plenty ‘o blogs here that I admire! but only a few gunna get to have ’tis one-‘o-a-kind banner to carry on their blog. Because that’s just how it be. harrharr
th’ rules be simple. put on somethin’ frilly, ‘n be tellin’ a blogger ye desire to admire that a Steamin’ Pirate admires ya, ‘n yer passin’ that admiration to him or her to be plundered, if ye so desire.
Yo-ho-ho and a barrel of rum! ^^

Thar be only a few female band ‘o pirates in history but if I were to be off to sea, I’d like these fine ladies thar wit’ me. Would be me honor to have ye on board :














Rabbitcancook – cos I be a pirate who likes pretty bento ^^

ARRR ye amazin’ women! Be off out thar ‘n kick some ass. Here in th’ blogosphere, ye’re like th’ greatest treasure a lass like me can find. ^^ Jolly luck!

but wait… MORE GOLD!!!

’tis mornin’, I also received a pleasant surprise from Moment Matters ‘n was asked to honor it wit’ an acceptance speech. I shout yarr!!! Any excuse to keep doin’ me scurvy pirate speak harrharr..’tis be fer th’ bold, th’ noble ‘n th’ inspirin’.. ‘n me lady band ‘o pirates be just that!! So I’d like to share ’tis award wit’ ye ladies also. If ye can, scribe somethin’ dedicated to ye loyal followers ‘n buckos ^^ A word ‘o hearty thanks, a touch ‘o humor ‘n spark some inspiration.


“Awarding the people who live in the moment,
The noble who write and capture the best in life,
The bold who reminded us what really mattered –
Savoring the experience of quality time.”

Aye, moments, specially like these, do matter. It feels so wonderful havin’ followers ‘n fellow bloggers read me stories ‘n haiku 🙂 ye’ve be a fabulous audience, all ye pirates 🙂 In a way, ye’ve helped me grow. I dread th’ hour that I’ll be too busy to scribe anythin’ but fer now, I be gonna gift it all i got. xoxo

Sweet pirate kisses,

Blog Candy!

Awww I love candy! ^^

Thank you Matt for the ABC – Awesome Blog Content Award and Scott for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award


For this award, you have to come up with a word for each letter of the alphabet and write about something relevant to you. So here’s my A-Z of words that describe or mean something to me ^^

Art – coz i like being surrounded by beauty
Blogging – a new word in my life that i’ve come to love
Chocolate – coz i’m addicted to it
Dance – coz why on earth not?
Epicurean – coz i may not know a lot of things but i sure know how to live 😉
Fashion – coz i breathe for it
Gastronomic pursuits – i love food & cooking, discovering new places and recipes
Hell-kite – coz i’m a fierce fighter ^^ lol
Intelligent conversation – what i’ve always looked for (&finally found) in a relationship.
Joyrides – i like riding to well, nowhere… ^^ i just sometimes like the car to run and run and keep going
Kisses – coz who the hell doesn’t want them?
Lingerie – coz i collect them
Massage – i like going to the spa.. and i’m also trained and certified
Nail art – i’m really vain when it comes to my nails ^^
Originality – without it, i’m nothing
Pink – my color! ^^
Quirky – coz i adore eccentricity
Reading – my favorite pastime
Sea, sun and sand – where i’m most at home ^^
Tea – coz everything’s better after a cup of tea
Unique people, places, animals and things – wherever you may be, the world’s a wondrous place
Vodka – specially blueberry
Writing – something that has brought me much happiness
Xenodocheionology – I just love hotels! and my family’s in that business:)
Youth – coz i worry about getting old… women in my fam’ly usually age gracefully but i just don’t know about me. 😦 so yeah.. but i’m still in my 20’s so i’ll try not to think too much about it ^^
Zingers – coz i can hurl insults faster than my enemy can blink ^^ lol seriously, i can be a real bee-yotch at times but i can say, i am most certainly less of a bitch now than when i was still in school. i think, growing up does that. 🙂 and i’m glad that now, through writing and blogging, my words have actually become a source of joy and entertainment to others.. 🙂


My nominees for both awards:

Björn Rudbergs writings

Ramblings From A Mum



Kindredspirit23’s Blog

Matthew Vett’s Development Blog

Pages from my mind

Krishna’s Pictures and Notes

Peripatetic Eric


I know not everyone participates in blog awards and we’re all busy.. but hey, no pressure ^^ Take your time. To pass this on to fellow bloggers or not is completely your choice and even if you don’t, it’s a pleasure mentioning your blog names here anyway. I really enjoy your posts a lot ^^ Keep blogging!


Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

More blog bling for us! ^^

Dear fellow bloggers and followers,

My blog isn’t what it used to be. I miss the days when I could drop by everyone’s pages as often as I’d like, check reader, read posts, like posts, comment so often and personally thank everyone who hit the follow button. I try but if I don’t get to reply asap, don’t take it personally! ^^ My blog used to be really open and personal and just about anything and everything… but over the course of time, no matter how brief, it has evolved into something else. I see photos and writings and I’m quite proud of what it’s become. However, I don’t want it to seem as though I’ve fallen into a pattern and I most certainly do not wanna lose my connection with you. 🙂 I could only hope that with my stories, photos and poetry, I’m keeping some of that connection alive. I’m grabbing this opportunity to Thank You guys again, share more stuff about me and of course, to answer a fellow blogger’s, Caroline Page’s tag. And also to post about a few awards. I barely have time now to respond to awards and stuff, between juggling various photo challenges and writing prompts, but hey, whatever, keep ‘em coming! Love is love. ^^ Gotta give time for love.


1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

11 Random facts about me:

Ok, I really wish to skip this ^^ Instead you can go to my About Me page where you’ll find a photo and a gazillion facts about me ^^

The Questions:

1. If life was ‘just a bowl of cherries’… which fruit would you rather be..? Tickleberries.

2. Who is your favourite singer? Right now it’s Adele.

3. Snow or Beach? Beach!

4. Did you have a favourite toy when growing up? Did it have a name? Did you take it with you everywhere you went?
Not really my fave toy and I didn’t really carry my toys around. But this one I remember I must’ve always brought with me simply coz it mustn’t be left alone. It’s Angel-gotchi so I didn’t bother giving it a name. Really just ended up as an accessory dangling from my bag.lol Mine was pink, looked like this:


photo from http://www.bookmice.net/fleur/angel.html

5. What are your favourite things to do on weekends?
Varies. ^^ But one of the things that I usually look forward to during weekends is cooking something yummy side by side with boyfie. We usually talk about what overly ambitious recipes we wanna try out for the weekend… lol

6. Did you have a hobby when you were a kid?
I’ve been reading ever since I can remember. People were always giving me books as presents. But as soon as I’ve exhausted all my age-appropriate books, I went over to mom’s library and began reading adult books. 🙂 I miss those days when I had all the time in the world to read!

7. Are you a sporty type, or more the studious type? Maybe you are both…!
Maybe I’m neither. lol I say studious then 🙂

8. If you were in a raft in the middle of the ocean, who would you like for company?
My boyfriend, of course. Anywhere with him. 🙂

9. Do you keep your birthday cards? Yes.

10. Is life what you expected as a child? God no.

11. Do you have a pet?

Can’t have one.. Here’s a gruesome story for animal lovers, just three years ago when a stray kitty came along.. She had blue eyes and I fell inlove with her.. I gave her milk, kept her warm and made her a bed. The following day, my mother had thrown her out.. but she came back! Me and my mom fought over it… always wanting to win, my mom again had her tossed out somewhere real far and she never came back. Ok, don’t hate her, she’s just worried about my allergies. ^^

But we have a pet! Not really MINE but she’s my brother’s. We used to have 2 Doberman and 1 Pitbull and lotsa craaazy animals for pets when my father was still around. Like when it’s the year of the rabbit, there’s a rabbit. Year of the monkey, he bought a monkey, which lived in a tree outside our house and would grab people’s hair and stuff. People’d drive by just to see him and sometimes he’d.. ah.. pleasure himself.lol and gross. But funny. ^^ Aaaaanyway, there came the time when everyone’s too busy to care for anything or anyone but themselves. Well, until Mikai came along. She’s nothing special, they say, only half Labrador, and my brother wanted to toss her out but I fed her, gave her a bath and we decided to keep her. She’s small but she’s fierce and she’s smart and had definitely proven her loyalty to me more than once! Not talking to her right now though cos she’s currently pregnant out of wedlock >< Seriously, how dare she do this to me



The Very Inspiring Blogger Award 2013 from MOTION Photography


My nominees:

Esenga’s voice

Carolyn Page

Mirth and motivation

Boomie Bol


A Western Buddhist’s Travels

The Addictive Blog Award from Ourmulticolouredlife


My nominees:

Pirate Storyteller

SayVan Photography





The Liebster Blog Award from Pages from my mind


My nominees:

My Sweetpainteddreams


Miljo Anne


Conceiving Wynell

cobbled toolbox

and last but not the least, from the amazing missfoureyes


yeah. i sleep au naturel so it’s not so shocking to find that i do blog buck nekkid at times. she has this theory that blogging in the nude boosts your blog performance. don’t believe it? check out the number of my posts. lol ^^
this button is for anyone who blogs naked, and owns it. ^^

Again, totally fine if you wish not to participate. Your blogs were definitely worth mentioning anyway ^^
Congrats guys! I’m glad we met 🙂


KZ ^^

About damn time! (that I thanked you) ^^

First, I’d like to say hi to the new followers. Thank you so much for choosing to follow my blog ^^ mwah!

Next, I’d like to apologize for the length of time it took for me to respond. That, however doesn’t reduce the fact that I’m grateful for all the love you’ve been sending my way. ^^ I simply believed that I could better show my gratitude to you guys by placing my efforts into posting more stories, haiku and photos regularly ^^ I may have already received the following awards more than once or twice but that doesn’t make them any less special. Like I always say, It’s the thought, not the damned logo. ^^ And I’m deeply flattered and touched that you thought of me ^^

I’d like to thank the following for so generously sharing with me the awards:


The Reality Blog Award from Seasons of Insanity and Knowledgenut



The Versatile Blogger Award from cookie and Ladyfixit and soumyav


The Very Inspiring Blogger Award from soumyav


The Beautiful Blogger Award by All those small things and soumyav

I get that some bloggers are nominated more than once for a particular award so I’ve decided to nominate the following for ALL the awards mentioned above. That way, you guys can just pick whichever awards you don’t have yet.. or whatever. To pass this on to fellow bloggers or not is entirely up to you. I just wanna express my appreciation for your wonderful blogs and I couldn’t think of any better or cooler way than this ^^

My 15 nominees:

1) All Those Small Things – the name says it all. a really fun blog that you gotta check out yourself! ^^
2) Seasons of Insanity – the man’s Fan Mail Chronicles is EPIC! This blog’s not for the prudish, the partypooper or the faint of heart. definitely.
3) Ladyfixit – a lady with a penchant for the unique and interesting, find plenty of great photos of places and things in this blog.
4) Ourmulticolouredlife – some posts make you laugh. some posts make you smile. plus, they have a super adorable baby!! ^^
5) MOTION Photography – always on the go, always something new. let this blog take you to many wonderful places.
6) Knowledgenut – sometimes informative. sometimes hilarious. always interesting. that’s coz KK’s interested in anything and everything! be sure to check it out ^^
7) the Serenity Space – the name says it all. journeys, reflections, inspiration through words and photos.
8) Francine in Retirement – like me, very active in several photo challenges and her entries never fail to amaze and impress!
9) soumyav – the goddess of poetry. ’nuff said. ^^
10) The World Is a Book – join Amy in her travels and see the world through her photography.
11) Life: A Scot in Norway – feast your eyes on gorgeous nature and travel photography in this great blog.
12) Adventures in Wonderland – definitely more than just an ordinary travel blog! great travel photos with full descriptions, musings and reflections. the full experience.
13) Imaginations of my life in imaginary world – lovely nature photos and so much more!
14) cookie – a blog with writing as yummy and delightful as her name ^^
15) Teacher as Transformer – you never leave this blog without learning or feeling something.

Congrats, loves! ^^

These are the rules for the Awards:

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website
2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself – totally optional 😉

to the nominees, again, it’s fine if you don’t post the award on your blog. but to my readers and followers, i’m inviting you guys to at least drop by the pages of the nominees. i bet you’ll find some things that you’ll like ^^

I’ve a few more awards to post; I’ll make time for them, I promise. Meanwhile, THANK YOU — again and again for your continued support! ^^


Yey More Bling! Awesome Way to Start my 2013 ^^

Who run the world?

Girls! Women.


A big thank you to Jenn of the Serenity Space for gifting me with the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. It’s so cool coz it reminds me of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (duh) ^^ Today, I’m passing this award on to a few fabulous blogger sistahs ^^

Here are the rules for the award:
1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
2. Answer 10 questions. Scratch that! :p
3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know that they have been nominated.
5. Include the award logo within your blog post


Too bad I can only give this award to 12 (there’s always next time) but to to all the ladies in my community, that doesn’t change the fact that you, wonderful women, have earned my admiration with your sheer fabulousness ^^ keep bloggin’ xo

end of last year, miss marzipan also presented me with the Reality Blog Award, second time I’ve been nominated for this award and I’ve gladly accepted it so that i may pass it on to a couple of super REAL blogs that I’ve stumbled upon only recently. You know how much I love blogs that are raw, unpretentious and oh so shameless but in a very courageous and admirable way 😉


Congrats to:

Seasons of Insanity


mental notes

Blog Awards may or may not be your thing… And you can always choose not to participate/ pass it on to fellow bloggers.All the same, congratulations and this 2013, I wish you all plenty of inspiration, more delicious posts, more stamps on your passports and lotsa lotsa love.


the Versatile Blogger Award and the Shine On Award


Indeed, I felt like one of Santa’s little Ho’s last night in my skimpy green dress. >< But unlike in other parts of the world, it was a pretty warm night – but so was the dinner that I shared with fam’ly and the holiday wishes sent by friends. So yup, it pretty much rocked. And I hope yours did too. ^^

A few days ago, I got a couple of early Christmas presents from a couple of fellow bloggers. The Versatile Blogger Award from Our Multicoloured Life and the Shine On Award from liveblissful. Thank you so much guys!! Be sure to drop by their pages, I’m sure you’ll find their blogs interesting – coz I sure did. ^^

The rules for both awards are pretty much the same:

• Display the award certificate on your website.
• Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award.
• Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers (Versatile Blogger) / 10 awards (Shine On)
• Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post.
• Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Here are a few useless Holiday-related facts: ^^

1) I immediately suspected that Santa was a sham when my very naughty uncle (only a few years older than me) kept receiving presents every Christmas.
2) Then I caught my mom putting the goodies under the tree. She then begged me not to tell my younger brother and as a bribe, I continued to get ‘em goodie bags every year ^^
3) I’ve always preferred wrapped presents from cash. I just love the thrill of guessing what’s inside. ^^
4) My boyfriend has been celebrating Christmas eve with my family for the past 3 years. That’s a pretty big deal for me. 🙂
5) Ok shoot me but I swear I didn’t know that Carlos Santana (yes, the guitarist, the legend) had a clothing line!! ‘til I got this cool black leather clutch with studs from my aunt as a Christmas present.
6) As usual, there’s been a whole lot of excess from Christmas eve’s celebration and that pretty much means that we’ll be eating the leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner up until New Year’s day… then the cycle shall be repeated. lol I’m craving leftover macaroni salad as I type. ^^
7) My Christmas dinner specialty is Caldereta. It’s beef stew with tomato sauce, carrots and potatoes, and bell pepper. I dislike instant mix and use real tomatoes for my recipe which I promise I’ll post one of these days.


My nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award are the following:

Life and Everything under the sun
A Western Buddhist’s Travels
Journalism for vertebrates

Writings, Poetry and Haiku
Random Muzings

Food and Cooking

Travel and Photography
retiree diary
Alison and Don
son of mount malang
motion photography


and My nominees for the Shine On Award are:

our multicoloured life
francine in retirement
Bams Triwoko
Girl necessities
Miljo Anne
Hope*the happy hugger
chronicles of illusions
The Panama Adventure

i think it’s a really cool award that i rarely see on bloggers’ pages. ^^

Congratulations bloggers! ^^ Feel no obligation to post or pass on this award. But it would be really cool if you did. ^^ It’s a great Christmas present to give to bloggers that you admire.
xo- kz ^^

Blog of the year 2012: the Perfect Year Ender ^^


I have four wonderful bloggers to thank for this award: Carolyn , liveblissful, Teacher-preneur, Francine , Chef Doru and Random Muzings. They all have beautiful blogs that radiate positivity and inspiration. You leave their pages feeling lighthearted and learning something new. Thank you guys. ^^

Here are the ‘rules’ for this award:

1 Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award

2 Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ them with their award.

3 Please include a link back to this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award – http://thethoughtpalette.co.uk/our-awards/blog-of-the-year-2012-award/ and include these ‘rules’ in your post (please don’t alter the rules or the badges!)

4 Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the ‘rules’ with them.

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Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpeg

I thought about it and the rules state that you should present the award to the blogs that you think deserve this award. So i guess I won’t be breaking any rules if I choose to present this award to all bloggers in my community. Seriously. Like, put it on your sidebar or add this to your collection of stars (this counts as one star) ^^ Just don’t expect me to list down all of your names and message you one by one (are you f*cking kidding me?! ><) ^^

When it comes to this award, I have no reason to believe that one blogger is more or less deserving than the other. After all, haven't we all done a pretty good job this year? ^^ We all take time off from our jobs or school and responsibilities at home to let the world know what we think and feel and to see what others are up to. But more than that, we've all mustered the courage to bare ourselves in front of others by allowing everyone in the blogosphere to take a peek into our minds and souls (some a little more generous than others but still, it takes plenty of guts and I applaud you) And though you may not need an award to tell you how awesome you are, receiving a shiny gold star never hurt anyone. ^^

So whether your aim is to escape, entertain, socialize, inspire, educate or learn, I present this award to you. And I thank you… for your photos, your poetry, your stories, your recipes, your ideas, your inspiration… So give yourselves a pat on the back and take a few hugs and kisses from me xoxoxoxoxox –ok enough– ^^ Congratulations, dear blogger, looking forward to spending my 2013 with you! ^^

Happy Holidays,
kz ^^

the Super Sweet Blogging Award

Recently, I’ve received a very sweet surprise from fellow blogger and Pinay Miljo Anne. Awww so sweet! ^^ I love that her blog is all about her journey as a mother, wife, friend, aunt, daughter, sister, grand daughter and colleague. Like me, this lady has a sweet tooth! ^^ Be sure to drop by her blog sometime.


Here are the rules for the Super Sweet Blogging Award:

1. Give credit to the person who chose to nominate you.
2. Answer the “Super Sweet” questions.
3. Nominate a “Baker’s Dozen (13) blogs.

Super Sweet questions:

1. Cookies or Cake?

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate ❤

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?
God must I pick one? Here’s my top 5: salted caramel macarons de paris, cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, nangkasuy (jackfruit and cashew) ice cream, forest berries gelato, and pineapple carrot cake!

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?
Um all the time? ^^ lol

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

Here are a few of the sweetest bloggers I know. I really wish I could pass the award to more than 13!!!



carolyn page


island traveler

antonio de simone

Vicky Nanjappa








Sharing this award has officially made my day! Oh that and a plateful of French macarons. lol ^^

xoxo kz