More Places to Visit in (or near) Naga City

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More Places to Visit in (or near) Naga City

Whether you’re looking for fun and adventure in the city, in the islands, or way up in the highlands, Bicol has a great deal to offer.

Naga City is considered as one of the oldest Spanish royal cities. As such, it offers tourists with unparalleled culture and diversity. In Cam Sur, you’ll find a broad range of natural and man-made attractions that every wanderlust must visit at least once in his/her lifetime.  Among these fascinations are the ancient churches from the Spanish era, the immaculate islands, and the exotic waterfalls.

This is a continuation of our previous post: Places to Visit in Naga Cityor Places to Visit Near Naga City.

The Plaza Quince Martires is a monument nestled in the bosom of the city. It was built during the American period as a tribute to the 15 Bicolano martyrs who…

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