ICE : An Anthology to Chill the Blood


Ice. Beautiful in its frozen stark state, dangerous to all who battle it, lethal to those caught up in it… Thirteen O’clock Press authors have come up with a startling variety of stories featuring ice – prepare to be chilled…

The Secret Life of Furuhashi Shinju“– the first short story that I’ve ever written, appears in the new Thirteen O’Clock Press collection, “ICE: An Anthology to Chill the Blood“.

The book will be available via Horrified Press’ homepage with FREE global delivery and 20% off from Feb 28th. πŸ™‚

Also available on Lulu

Dorothy Davies

Neil Leckman, Kevin Holton, Ken Goldman, Gene Stewart, Brian Barnett, Jeff Jones, Kevin L. Jones, Dorothy Davies, Ken L. Jones, E.S. Wynn, Matthew Wilson, Thomas M. Malafarina, Jordan Elizabeth Mierek, Stanley B. Webb, DJ Tyrer, Micke Lindquist, James Arthur Anderson, Mathias Jansson, James Pratt, Rick McQuiston, Joseph Farley, Bruce H. Markuson, Rhonda Eikamp, William Williams, Damir Salkovic, Olivia Arieti, Gary Budgen, John Kujawski, Roy C. Booth and Axel Kohagen, K.Z. Morano πŸ™‚

WARNING: Not for Cryophobics πŸ˜‰


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