The Din from the Garbage Bin

Copyright-Kent Bonham

Copyright-Kent Bonham

While walking home, Anne heard the disturbing din from the garbage bin.

At the back of her apartment building were oversize rats gnawing at something.

Tampons lay there like small gutted animals. Week-old blood and cottony innards spilled across the pavement, filling greedy snouts and thick hairy tongues.

Disgusted, Anne tried to shoo the freak rodents away.

The vampiric vermin hissed at her, their eyes crimson coals of hatred burning through the darkness.

She ran up to her apartment and bolted the door.

Her fingers failed to reach the switch as the glowing red eyes came rushing towards her thighs.


25 thoughts on “The Din from the Garbage Bin

  1. I hate rats and this made me cringe! A good nightmare for the daytime, KZ! Vampire rats. A whole new species.
    Where do you come up with these ideas anyway?

  2. Oy! Reminds me of a story I heard on NPR about a dog who grab a used feminine product from the garbage during a dinner party. Except those glowing eyes and the attacking rats are most certainly from the mind of our FF resident horror expert. Keep creeping us out, K.Z. You do it well.


  3. It really isn’t easy to ‘like’ your posts. Wonderful descriptions – Anne’s disgust is fully understandable. Pity she didn’t get her door closed sooner.

  4. Dear KZ, Great story, and very well written! KZ, you are so good at writing creepy stuff. I was yelling “Run, Anne, Run!” This just gives me the creeps! Gosh, you are so good at this and you look so sweet – I’m sure you are, but you can REALLY WRITE! GOOD! Nan 🙂

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