Hot Commodity

Copyright – Dawn Q. Landau

Copyright – Dawn Q. Landau

The nightmares were always the same… his grandma’s restless soul crawling through infinite fields of Florida snow.

His scalpel carved striations on the subject’s wrinkled flesh.

They always reminded him of his grandmother.

“You’re going to be a brilliant surgeon someday.”

Lies. Disgust bubbled beneath his veins like swiftly spreading emboli.

His stitches were lousy but that didn’t matter.

His clients would rip them apart like impatient children unwrapping their birthday presents.

He ushered his elderly cargo into the bus.

Funny how nobody wanted them, but now they’re hot commodity… with all those precious packets of cocaine in their bellies.


28 thoughts on “Hot Commodity

  1. Funny how nobody wanted them, but now they’re hot commodity What a sad turn of events. I always s figure old people have paid their dues and should be respected-even if they’re grouchy. Nicely done, K.Z.

  2. Dear KZ,

    A wonderful take on the prompt. Your surgeon is like the guy who comes in last in the Olympic Marathon. Practices for four years only to finish last. He could have rested all that time and done as well.



  3. Dear KZ, Yes, you did it again – wrote an excellent story and scared me to death too! How can such a pretty girl write such dark stuff? I’m kidding – but not about the cute. Really well done as usual! Thanks! Nan 🙂

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