The Last Virgin

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Warning: Graphic Horror, not for everyone 😉

The Last Virgin

The search party found her hiding inside the cave.

Jagged glass chips bordered the bloody lips of her mutilated vagina, like teeth on a monster’s mangled mouth.

The broken bottle that she had impaled herself with lacerated her hymen.

She smiled triumphantly as she sat in a puddle of her precious virgin blood.

They screamed, called her selfish…

Her parents nearly died of shame.

She knew that she was the last virgin.

And that the island couldn’t endure another volcanic eruption…

As they hurled her into the flames, the people held hands and prayed that their sacrifice would be accepted.


35 thoughts on “The Last Virgin

  1. Very convincing, KZ. The truth of how it was actually done, I think, might have been even more graphic than you described. Either way, nice work this week.

    I have a story this week, too (I was in reruns last two weeks). i think I stumbled into some of your old territory on it.

    • that’s a great idea. maybe i’ll make a longer version of this and kill them all. 🙂 i’ve made longer versions of my stories in 100 Nightmares and some will appear in a few anthos. Thanks for the comment Björn.

  2. Scary stuff! I loved it, but have a couple of minor comments…I’m not sure about her whimpering at the start, and then smiling – it’s too quick a jump for me. And, I know this debate has been had in plenty of other places, but because you name everything else so well and so specifically, I’m not sure about ‘sex’ or ‘maidenhood’. Why not use the proper words?

    • you’re absolutely right. i wanted to use the proper words but started worrying about the more sensitive blog readers…a thing i rarely consider. but i’m going to change that now. thanks a lot Claire.

  3. Yoinks! A sense there of “they’re gonna kill me so I’m gonna take them with me”. At the end of the day, though, I don’t suppose the volcano cares. It’ll erupt or it won’t regardless.

    Love the warning at the top with the winky face 🙂

  4. K.Z., Powerful piece that shows how dreadful superstition can be. Instead of trying to escape out to sea, they sacrifice an innocent life for nothing. The worst is when young children are sacrified. It still happens in the world today because of ignorance. Well written. —Susan

  5. Dear K.Z. Maybe she was the last virgin on Pompeii. Serves them right if it happened like that. I have always felt sorry for the guy that was in the jail at the time it erupted. Good story – Poor girl, she showed them though ! Nan 🙂

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