Words and Whispers

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

He rarely left that desk.

For years, he ensorcelled the public with haunting stories spawned from his imagination yet refused to bask in the brilliance of his fame.

Some dismissed it as cheap tactic, speculating that there was no single mysterious author but a group of ghost writers.

Fans camped outside his fortress. The media met only with agents of glib tongues and swollen pockets.

They said he answered to disembodied whispers.

His last words were jumbled letters carved into the ancient desk, engraved into emaciated flesh…

Indecipherable, except for the words: “Free us” penned shakily in sick, diluted blood.


27 thoughts on “Words and Whispers

  1. Words engraved into flesh. Ooh, K.Z.! I wasn’t sure how you’d turn this one into horror! But you did it and you did it well. Nice one.

  2. ‘ensorcelled’. Lovely word. That sounds like one tortured desk – brings a whole new meaning to ‘distressed wood’. Good work, as always, KZ.

  3. A great story, so imaginative. Were they ghost writers? Was it a writer chained to his desk? Possessed by spirits? It doesn’t matter; it made me shiver. And I too love that new word.

  4. Girl, you gotta be kidding me! I’m with Amy — no WAY did I think you’d make this into a horror story, but you did it! You got the world of the story in there and the character is quite fascinating.

    You have made me VERY ensorcelled with this. 😉

  5. K.Z. you enchant all of us each week with either a new take on the prompt or something. I sure enjoy reading your story each week – but this did give me goosebumps! Great job as usual! Nan 🙂

  6. Thank you for enscorelled – a new one for me. I’m jst left wondering who wanted to be free. Great the way you starter this so normally and had turned it horrific by the end.

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