PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright-Björn Rudberg

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright-Björn Rudberg

Beneath the aching moon, she sighs
as I read the poetry of her thighs…
Fingernail tracing syllables,
I tap on her fragile spot
and the veins beneath her skin become visible
like cracks on glass.
Once severed, they’re like moist lips, gaping, sputtering…
as if dying to say something.

I peel her body from the floor.
Her head adorns the door
like a grotesque knocker,
mouth agape in a perpetual roar,
as if to ward off visitors.

Still, they come pouring in,
intrigued by my chalk-white skin
and the euphoric sting…
Lonely, desperate souls
gutting the night with their screams.

25 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. If Edgar Allen Poe were alive today, he’d say he wished HE would have written it. He couldn’t have done it better, you did it great.

    Nice work, KZ! Sorry we missed you last week. 😦

  2. I thought at the start you were doing a romance – I should have known better! What is it about vampires that has the girls flocking? 🙂 Great horror poem.

  3. glad I didn’t read it before I went to sleep last night. I would have had nightmares. having said that, the combination of poetry and horror can be tantalizing.

  4. Now where have I been that I’ve missed you recently? Well, I clicked the “follow” button this time, so that shouldn’t happen again.

    Great poem this week–chilling!


  5. Horribly descriptive as ever. I love the last line – ‘gutting the night’ conjures up so many images and sounds.

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