If Wishes Came True

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Kelly Sands

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Kelly Sands

Curdled clouds came… hovering, descending…
ingesting everything in their way.
The world was painted in black, white and gray.
I opened my mouth and out poured a soundless scream
as if we existed in a silent film.
Then people started floating…
Their bodies bloating,
Fat limbs flailing,
Dancing in an eerie pantomime…
Intent on leaving me behind.
I cried after the corpse balloons as they flew towards the ashen sky,
gazing down at me with pupilless eyes.
Their decaying mouths opened and closed in an inaudible song.
Then I remembered my last birthday wish…
For everyone to leave me alone.

Hi! Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes last week. I’m really sorry that I was unable to return some of the visits. I’ll read as many stories as I can this week. xox ❤


23 thoughts on “If Wishes Came True

  1. Excellent as always, love the horrible images this brought into my mind! I like the way you wrote this as a poem.
    Quite a power that person has there.

  2. What awful imagery with the people balloons, and that ending is spectacular. Between me being gone and you being away, I feel like I haven’t seen you in months! Good to see you, KZ. BTW, 100 Nightmares is amazing — I’m going to write some reviews very soon.

  3. You need to see the movie Carnival of Souls (1962). This story reminds me of it. Great descriptions, good imagination there.

    No stories from me this week, KZ, but I am stopping by and reading others. I’m still around.

  4. I don’t mind birthdays, but I hate it when my friends tell the waiter at the restaurant it’s my birthday and they insist on singing at my table. Ugh!

  5. Hi KZ, I think it was Marlena DIetrich (20’s movie star) who was quoted as saying “I vant (want) to be left alone). So, don’t wish what you really, really wouldn’t want. Good poem – excellent and I love the “corpse balloons” CREEPY good! Thanks for the shiver. Nan 🙂

  6. Happy (much belated) birthday, KZ! I’ve been on hiatus from the blogging world for a while, and now I’m catching up. Great and macabre twist at the end, as always! Hope that wasn’t one of your wishes, hehe.

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