PHOTO PROMPT, Copyright – Claire Fuller

PHOTO PROMPT, Copyright – Claire Fuller


I lived in a castle by the stormy sea.
And the sound that kept me awake each night was not the rage in father’s voice…
Or mother’s beaten whimpering…
It was thunder. Just thunder.
I believed in fairytales…
In stout castles, gallant kings…
Though I’ve seen more than my fair share of dreadful things.
When I grew up, all the men that I loved were charming princes, valiant knights…
Until they weren’t.
But I’ll always believe in fairytales…
Because once, it was all that I had.
My silly nose buried in my silly books
Inhaling each fantasy until it felt like reality.

Hi! I miss FF! And yeah, I’m a little rusty. But I haven’t been feeling well lately. :( I originally wrote a horror story for this week but since today is my 2*th birthday, a memoir seemed more appropriate. If you want to get me something for my birthday, an amazon/goodreads review of 100 Nightmares would be wonderful. LOL :) seriously, email me and I’ll send you a copy (crazyaboutmiumiu2@yahoo.com) Happy 4th of July! xoxo <3

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46 thoughts on “Fairytales

  1. That was beautiful. She had hope and faith–and that’s what keeps us going when all else fails. May all your birthday wishes come true. Happy 2*th

  2. Dear K.Z.

    We both stepped away from our expected norm this week, didn’t we?

    “When I grew up, all the men that I loved were charming princes, valiant knights…
    Until they weren’t.” This is my favorite line. That you classify this as memoirs makes me ache a bit.

    May the road ahead of you be more promising. Happy birthday, my young friend.



  3. First, Happy Birthday!! Second, knowing this is a memoir of sorts makes me sad but hopeful. This line, “Or mother’s beaten whimpering…” could be considered a four-word horror story. On a happier note, I hope your day is lovely.

  4. Happy Birthday, KZ! Sorry I have been absent a couple of weeks. You wrote a sweet and neat piece there. Then, I asked myself — “and then he gets killed with his insides all twisted outward.” RIGHT???

    Seriously, though, a sweet piece of writing. Hope you had a terrific b-day!

  5. Happy Birthday K.Z. My youngest daughter-in-law us that old too. I liked your story and hope you start feeling better! Have a good (last of your 20’s) year! Nan :)

  6. That was great, KZ, although sad of course. I’ve been feeling out of FF as well lately, although I’ve been posting every week, just since I don’t think it’s my best work and I haven’t read many other stories. Happy birthday! :)

  7. KZ, Good story and well-written as usual. I would love to give a review for your book, but the postage to India would probably be high and the mails here are not at all dependable. I bought a Kindle, but I haven’t been able to get to the bank to activate my charge card because my husband is not well so I have to be here. I hope your book does well. :) —Susan

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