PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Erin Leary

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Erin Leary

Hi everyone! I missed a few FF challenges but I’m happy that I’m able to participate this week! Thank you to those who helped spread the news about the release of my book, 100 Nightmares. Support and even positive reviews came from people that I least expected it from so that was such a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much, you know who you are. 🙂 The book is actually doing fine, great reviews from horror sites and everything, so yay! 🙂 Now to my story…


My earliest memory was that of my father disappearing into the silver fog.
I cried out his name… first word I ever spoke… but he just kept walking.
Then his replacement came.
A silent semi-man…
He’d lock the doors and mother’s screams would splinter the air… They were of unexplainable pleasure… and pain.
“Hithh thill your father…” mother said as her teeth clattered onto the floor.

That was history.

Then the mist called me…

When I return, I hope my wife would remember what I told her.
To aim straight for the head… and to never look into my eyes…


47 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. Whoa, whoa and WHOA!!!!! What in the WORLD did I just read???? You nailed this story and THEN some, KZ. Brilliant!

    Great seeing your works of words on the blog AND that smiling sweet face again (which probably houses a few crazies dying to get out and onto the paper)!

  2. Another great one, KZ — loved how you managed to fit the story of two generations into a mere 100 words.

  3. Chilling! I fear his wife won’t be able to help looking into his eyes when he returns, hoping against hope that something still remains, and she’ll be as lost as his mother was.

  4. Zombie father, zombie son. Right between the eyes… Good story, but NOT one of your best. Your good, so I expect great! Can’t wait to read your book. I have been out of the loop and missed its release. I shall download it as soon as I can…kind regards – regardless, Lindaura
    PS My THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS, by Linda Palund – a teenage lesbian crime novel, was published last week, but no reviews yet!

  5. First time participating, and this is the first story of yours I read. That was … spine-tingling! Great read! I’ll be coming here a lot I think…

    Greetings from Greece!
    Maria (MM Jaye)

  6. I’ve missed you KZ! Good to have you back. The teeth on the floor… oh, so chilling and creepy! Not a big horror reader (as I’ve said) but ordered your book for my nephew. Glad to hear it’s going well!

  7. That was great, although tragic too. I didn’t understand that the replacement was still his actual father until the end: I thought it was a step-father. That mist is something else.

  8. What can I say except ,Brilliant KZ 😀 Loved that toothless sound you added-so horrific yet so real and the end froze me!This reminded me of James Herbert’s “The fog” 🙂

  9. So chilling, K.Z. I’m still planning on a review! Sorry, my computer is not working, so I have limited computer time. I’m so happy to hear your book is doing well. Yay!!

    • yay! thanks amy.. it’s ok! i completely understand. oh, btw, it would be great if you could post the review on amazon/ goodreads instead of smashwords. i’m planning to remove my book from smashwords anyway 🙂 thanks a lot 🙂

  10. Well done, so much story in so few words. I can only echo what everyone else said about the mother’s teeth clattering onto the floor. We are left in no doubt as to what his father has become. That your main character recognises this likely outcome in himself is both sad and chilling.

  11. Hi KZ, Jeepers how creepy. I hope his wife remembers the instructions! He has to know that is what he will become when he goes into the fog. Brilliant KZ – I mean it! Good job! Nan:)

  12. KZ,
    This is chilling. You are indeed the mistress of horror. Nicely handled.

    Congratulations on the continued success of your book. It’s good to have you back playing along with the Fictioneers.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  13. I hope she remembers as well. You build such suspense enabling the reader to worry about what’s living in the mist.

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