Thank you, Dawn!

Thank you, Dawn for sharing 100 Nightmares on your blog. 🙂

Read her post here (join the blog blast here)

Dawn Miller is a wonderful writer. I like the honesty in her storytelling. Her writing really speaks to the reader and you’ll find that there are just some of her stories that you can oddly relate with. She’s very good at that.

But more than that, Dawn is also a brilliant photographer. Look around her blog and feast your eyes on gorgeous photographs of nature, architecture and so much more.

Dawn has a wonderful way of combining images with words. But there are some of her photographs that manage to tell a story by themselves. She’s a very prolific blogger and joins a lot of photo challenges. She even hosts her own monthly photo challenge A Lingering Look at Architecture and a weekly photo challenge A Lingering Look at Windows.

4 thoughts on “Thank you, Dawn!

  1. Wow, thanks so much for that incredible write up. When I am rich and almost famous I am hiring you as my publicist. Of course that’s unless you beat me to rich and famous.
    Best of luck KZ and thanks for allowing me to take part.

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