Thank you, Ron!

Thank you, Ron, for featuring me on your blog and for the very generous post about my upcoming story collection, 100 Nightmares.

I really appreciate the kind and lovely words. 🙂

Read his post here (join blog blast here)

Ron Pruitt is a former newspaper journalist and college teacher. He is the author of As The Crow Flies and Down By The River. He also wrote a collection of short stories, Meth Lab and Other Stories.

Check out one of Ron’s books

Down By The River

When a farmer kills his half-brother in a dispute over a marijuana patch, it sets off ripples in the daily pattern of the residents of a small Ozark river town. The farmer’s wife, a mute young man, a meth cook,a car lot owner, the local lawman, and others find their world rocked by change as the truth works its way to the surface, transforming lives as it does.


I met Ron though Friday Fictioneers. He’s a truly versatile writer. Every week, I enjoy his micro-fiction pieces that vary from imaginative speculative fiction to humorous tales.

Ron is a super nice guy, even offering me advice and essential publishing tips. I’m really grateful to have writer friends like him. 🙂

Visit his blog to read his fiction and articles

6 thoughts on “Thank you, Ron!

  1. I just added a section of my blog for people to promote their books 🙂 Feel free to post about your new E-book :))

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