Turn Around

Copyright-John Nixon

Copyright-John Nixon

Every day, the sky is a cauldron churning with hell’s wrath.

Every night, the stars watch my back like a constellation of vengeful eyes.

A voice hisses through the trees. “Turn around.”

I don’t.

The ligneous limbs reach for me.

“Turn around.” The voice mimics my wife’s.

I gaze ahead, not knowing who or what’s behind me…

“Turn around, daddy.”

I stop.

I’ve forgotten what she looked like… why we were so ashamed of her… why we felt the need to bury her ugliness in these woods.

I’ve been walking for a long time.

Maybe it’s time to turn around…

48 thoughts on “Turn Around

  1. Oh, how sad! Reminds me of Richard Matheson’s “Born of Man and Woman” told through the eyes of a mutant child locked in the dark basement of a normal couple. It’s pretty horrifying because it humanizes the creature. You got it here, too. Great!

  2. I won’t turn around even if they pay me a million dollars! You won’t even be able to see my legs – that is how fast I will be running! Well done KZ. 😀

  3. Wow. That summed up another aspect of my show which inspired my post. Nicely done especially with the play on the idea of turning around 🙂 well done KZ.

  4. KZ, that’s a great place to leave it. I think I would be tempted to, but I hope I wouldn’t. The writer just needs to take off running, I think. The ghosts of the past are out for revenge, perhaps.

  5. What a great POV – you get sucked in and NEED to see what’s behind you, but are afraid to. Well done. Sometimes what you DON’T see is scariest.

  6. Scary yet laden with such a heavy sadness!To have to kill and bury a chils cos she was “abnormal: in some way and feel haunted for the rest of your life-terrible!And then that end–very moving !Am again awed by your skills Kz-excellent!

  7. love how you take us into your character’s guilty mind as if we need to make the decision whether to turn around or not…awesome story, KZ. 🙂

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