Thank you, Oloriel!

Thank you, Oloriel, for joining the Blog Blast for 100 Nightmares.

Read her post here

According to Oloriel (I love her name!), she’s a dreamer. And that’s one thing that we have in common 🙂

I’ve discovered her blog just recently and I have to say I’m mesmerized. She writes beautiful poetry.

Oloriel, I’m sorry that I didn’t stop to like any of the posts, but it was so easy to just scroll down and keep reading! 🙂 🙂

Check out her blog:

Oloriel also runs a magazine called The Tophat Raven, which strives to combine the beauty of the written word and visual art. Inside each issue, you’ll find a diverse compilation of prose, poetry, photography and art that blurs the boundaries between modern and traditional.

Visit the site here:

They’re open for submissions all year round. I personally can’t wait to pick up the Fantasy issue which will be released this March! 🙂

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